Life of Harry Houdini

Hello, I’m Sami Marsh, seventh grader at Potomac Middle School in Dumfries, Virginia. I would like to nominate Harry Houdini for Person of the Year. Houdini could perform many captivating tricks; he was always outgoing towards his audience and never gave up on anything. I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I consider a child’s proposal? ” Well, if you have the time to look at or glance at a “child’s” paper, you must have time to read my letter. As you see as you read on, I can make a very sharp point.

Harry Houdini had many tricks ‘up his sleeve’ that very few people know the secrets too. One of which is him getting out of police handcuffs (instead of his own handcuffs, proving the trick) without a key. He had tons more tricks that amateurs all over the world try to copy or ‘recreate’. He wasn’t shy, ever, not in front of new people or large crowds. This made it easy for him to perform, even in foreign countries. Sometimes he would even make fun of himself in order to gain attention from the crowd, sort of like a comedian.

Throughout his life Harry Houdini faced many hardships. Such as when his father died when Houdini was in his late teens. He promised his father that no matter what he would always take care of his mother and he kept his promise. Sure, he could been afraid of something but he sucked it up and kept going. All in all, Harry Houdini was a great, entertaining and rather comical man. If not for his fatal “accident” in 1926, he probably could have lived well into the early 60’s.

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