Harry Potter and its Mental Illness

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“What actually the Harry Potter about” “In dreams,we enter a world that Is entirely our own” -Albums Tumbledown- Most of the people know about the stories about the boy who lived under the stairs and went to special school called “Hogwash’s”. My storyline theory is about the series of Harry Potter is actually about the mental illness and the “Hogwash’s” is the mental institution. I had watched all the series of Harry Potter movie . The series is wildly successful, one of the most successful of all time, and I am interested in understanding why these mega-hits appear from time to time.

As I watched this installment, it became clear to me that the entire Harry Potter series is an extended metaphor that tell us about a boy with severe mental illness, suffering from delusions. Everything depicted in the movie can be interpreted as a recitation (from his delusional perspective) of his attempts to cope with the harsh realities of his confinement In a mental Institution-Every major event In the books is a fantasy/ delusional version of the experiences that a child would encounter In the course of Ewing Institutionalized and forcibly treated for mental Illness.

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I get the Information about the series of Harry potter that related to mental illness throughout the novels-the movie and other website findings about. K. Rolling who is author of the Harry Potter statement about his writing.. Throughout the novels, the rest of the effects of odometers are shared through Harry personal experience with the creatures. Fatigue and energy loss is shown in the way that Hardy’s energy leaves him as he is approached by a demented at any time, All of this information was enough to ell me on the idea of odometers representing depression.

With the release of Harry Potter movie,. The Harry Potter books are a phenomenon that has rarely been seen In the world. More than 400 million copies have been sold worldwide, which Is the highest of any book series of all time-For J. K Rolling,the death of J. K Railing’s mother from multiple sclerosis significantly Influenced her writing and the death Is major theme throughout the potter series This storyline is coded explanation of a delusional boy that starting to engage with violent outbursts and is sent to mental institution as a results.

Everything that happen become increasingly detached from reality and what we see as a audience in his delusional which is re-casting of his institutionalized experience into new adventure. Mental illness is featured Just about everywhere in the series. And the theme of insanity is very prominent. Classic features of mental illness such as delusions,paranoia and multiple-personality disorder become increasingly more important to story line. BODY Firstly.

Harry Potter,an orphan who discover that he Is a wizard,living within ordinary roll of non-magical people known as Muggers until become a student at Hogwash’s school-The stories tell of him overcoming dangerous obstacles to defeat the Dark wizard Lord Voltmeter who killed his parents when Harry was 15 months old-The Pictures with the last book split into two films. The Harry Potter books make up the popular series written by author J. K. Rolling. The first book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, was published in 1997 by Bloomberg in London.

The last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, sold more than 12 million copies in the U. S. The books concern a wizard called Harry Potter and his Journey through Hogwash’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Secondly, I will tell you few example why the series of Harry Potter related to mental illness problem. The first book features Harry at his new “school,” becoming obsessed with a mirror, where he spends endless days imagining his perfect parents (of course, they are dead, which is a metaphor for saying they are wholly imaginary).

Tumbledown, the paragon of surrogate love, warns Harry that the mirror has driven people insane, because spending all your time in antsy causes you to become enamored to the real world. This is exactly what happens to Harry for the rest of the series. The school is locked. It is also filled with random, insane dangers that everyone accepts as perfectly normal such as moving stairs, talking paintings, deadly monsters roaming around outside. Mental prisons are dangerous places where crazy situations are, in fact, ordinary. In the 4th book.

The Goblet of Fire contest pits students against each other in contests that are openly life-threatening, which is what students at a school for violent, mentally- stubbed children experience on a regular basis. The clean-cut Cedi Diggers (a fantasy image of the popular, successful boy Harry could have been were it not for his mental problems) is murdered by “Voltmeter,” This event is a metaphor for Harry murdering a boy who is too perfect, despised for having the life of love and ease that Harry wanted, but never got. So, he imagines that “Voltmeter” did it.

When no one believes him, it’s an unspoken metaphor for the fact that everyone knows Harry is the murderer. This “murder” takes place in a maze where the main danger is being psychologically possessed and going insane. Thirdly, there is some other characters in the Potter series that correlated to Harry Potter mental illness. Hardy’s newest friend at school is Ulna Loved, whose name is another reference to lunacy, and is openly known to be crazy, and is the only other student who can see Hardy’s delusions, even within the context of an otherwise crazy place like Hogwash’s.

Another “class” mate, Manville Longboat, the forlorn loser, is revealed to have a family history of mental illness and parents who are mental patients, having been driven insane by Belletrist. Repeated references are made to “Voltmeter” being so evil that he drives his victims crazy with torture, rather than merely killing them. It is repeatedly indicated that the boy “Tom Riddle” (the young “Voltmeter”) is actually Harry Potter, with constant parallels and similarities being heavily stressed.

Same books, same wand, both orphaned. Harry has increasing visions of Voltmeter, and they even share thoughts, which is an obvious symbol for whisper, and becoming increasingly dominant and thus real to him.

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