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Lord of the Rings/Harry Potters

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Although numerous critics have "trashed" the latest film versions of these major British works, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series and J.R.R. Tolkein's Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy are strong representative models of universal and classical literature, valuable to academics and laymen alike.Allusions in Harry Potter, such as the King Arthur and Excalibur legend, are modeled in the scene with the giant Basilisk fight and the triumphant sword from the Sorting Hat; King Arthur, the legend is so widely used in media, societies young and old around the world are able to identify the classical themes of strength and of power of good intentions over pervasive evil.

Likewise, Homer's Odyssey, being one of the oldest pieces of world literature still popular today and having entertained readers foe millennia, exhibits a basic and universal plot of the epic hero overcoming impossible odds to achieve a noble goal and this is a comparison between Odysseus' epic journey through the Mediterranean's numerous mythological obstacles matched with Frodo's expedition through Middle Earth returning the "one" Ring for Mordor's destruction.

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Lord of the Rings/Harry Potters
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The names used in Harry Potter are of Latin ancestry, such as Minerva McGonnagoll, meaning goddess Athena head of crafts, war, and wisdom, and this not only shows the allusion to the name Athena, but helps all readers understand Minerva's importance in the novel.Wisdom, a major theme in both novels, common to almost every novel and a universal and classical desired trait for most communities, is implied by the head wizard, Gandolf in Lord of the Rings, meaning wise old shaman with a flowing beard and magical powers.One of the major morals taught in the novel Harry Potter is self-sacrifice, putting oneself voluntarily in a problem situation to better everyone, shown at the climax when Harry leaves his friend behind at the chess game to pursue Vol…

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