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Lifeguards in the United States

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Starting in the sass’s, swimming became a popular activity in the United State Resorts in places like Atlantic City and New Jersey attracted humans from inlay d areas to escape the summer heat. As water activity increased, so did the incidence o f drowning. By the early 19005 as many as 9,000 humans drowned each year in the ASSAI. Eventually, municipalities began to hire men and women trained specifically f or water rescue. They were deemed “lifeguards. ” In 1 914, Hilbert E.

Longfellow established the American Red Cross Lifesaving, which trained swimmers throughout the United States in lifesaving.

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Lifeguards in the United States
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Then he o organized them into volunteer corps, and encouraged them to accept responsibility for s prevision of bathing activities in their communities. Over time, special tools were developed to assist in swimming rescues. Improve lifesaving devices (these include the rescue buoy, the rescue tube, and the rest cue board) were created by beach lifeguards in the United States.

According to “History Of Lifesaving’ by Mary Donahue, in 1964, the organization now known as the United States Lifesaving Association (USUAL) was founded b members of several California surf lifeguard agencies to standardize beach life guarding.

In 1 980, the World Watermark Association was formed to address needs in aquatic amusement parks. Following this, Ellis and Associates established esp. socialized watermark lifesaving standards and certification programs.

In 1 983 and 1986, the American Red Cross, JAILS and Ellis and Associates establish standards which are universally adopted for lifeguard training. Esteem a test indicate that today, US lifeguards rescue more than 100,000 humans from dry owning annually. There is no doubt that trained, professional lifeguards have had a p costive effect on drowning prevention in the USA. Now that iv?Eve learned how lifeguard has developed, let’s turn to the specs l skills every lifeguard should have. Lifeguard requires special skills such as rescue skills, CPRM, responding to injury rises.

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