Literacy is My Way of Life

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Picturing the world we live in today without literacy in is close to impossible. They’re many advancement in this world. However, all this is accredited to literacy. Without the literacy levels, we wouldn’t have accomplish most of these buildings we have today they might have never existed. The good cars we drive today might have never been invented. And the technology we enjoy today may not have been present. All these physical development are courtesy of the human’s ability to read and write. Literacy is developed in such a way that it is progressive and the more a person practices, the better they become at it. For instance, I would have never been able to learn how to read and write or even speak English if no one spoke to me in English first. I learnt how to speak first from my parents, and to me, that is how literacy began.

Over the years, learning the language was not only enough. However, learning more and gaining more hands-on knowledge was very helpful and critical for my cognitive development. We not only go to school to read and write but also to learn better ideas to change and transform the world with. First, literacy to me has been a great breakthrough to avoiding poverty. Just lacking the skills to read and write is the first step to being poor. This is a huge restriction to the development of any sort. Literacy does not guarantee automatic success, but it is the gateway to opportunities to get there. Literacy mainly creates the opportunity for people to develop the skills that will, in return, help them provide for themselves as well as for their families.

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To me, literacy has not only opened opportunities for me, but it has also given me perception to help other people achieve their desired goals while at the same time opening platforms for people to air out their views. This has come in handy while solving community problems collectively. Literacy has enabled me to be in a position for better learning and education for other people especially ladies. Through this, there is a huge population of ladies and other men that have benefitted from such knowledge on the importance of literacy.

The ability to read has also allowed me to keep up with the importance of my health and well-being. Learning about health issues and how to improve one’s health has enabled me to be at a level where I can comfortably eat healthy and avoid illnesses that come due to bad habits. Education and literacy, have had a lot of positive impacts in my life, not only by increasing my ability to think but also being able to use that same knowledge to help other people make the society a better place for others. Therefore, literacy does not only benefit me as an individual but also benefits the community that I live in. The very fact that I share information with different people in my society gives me an opportunity to show them that being literate got a lot of positive impacts in life.

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