Literary Devices to Portray Montags Character Trait

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In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury uses vivid imagery, metaphors, symbolism, and personification to convey Montag’s strong admiration for his job as a book burner. Montag is depicted as an impassioned man who takes pleasure in destroying books. The author uses metaphors to show Montag’s addiction to the excitement he obtains from his line of work. Furthermore, Bradbury uses metaphors and personification to portray Montag as a vehement pyromaniac. The author’s use of an aggressive tone conveys Montag’s deep involvement in his occupation. Overall, Fahrenheit 451 offers a compelling portrayal of a man who finds pleasure in the destruction of books.

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In Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, the main character is an individual Montag seeks pleasure in his job as a book burner.

Through imagery, metaphors, symbolism, and personification, Ray Bradbury conveys that Montag is a man who has a sense of adoration towards his job. Ray Bradbury uses figures of speech such as imagery and metaphors to express how Montag is an impassioned man. Bradbury says that it was a “pleasure” for Mantag to “see things” he burns to be “blackened and changed. ” The imagery gives a mental image through the sense of sight to show how Montag enjoy extremely destructive things.

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Through imagery Mantag is shown to have endless love for his job. Bradbury claims that Montag’s hands are “hands of” an “amazing conductor playing all the symphonies” as Montag grips the brass nozzle and sprays the kerosene. In This metaphor, montag, hands, as he sprays the kerosene, are said to be the hands of a conductor playing symphonies. This shows how Montag is addicted to the excitement he obtained in his line of work.

In addition, Bradbury uses metaphors to reveal how Montag is excitedly devoted towards his job. When he set the house afire, he “strode in the fireflies. In this metaphor, the embers of the burning house are said to be fireflies. This example demonstrates how Montag is a zealous arson since he strode with a sense of satisfaction through the embers.

Bradbury also claims that Montag “Wanted” to “shove a marshmallow into a furnace. ” In this example of a metaphor, the books are said to be marshmallows, and the fire among which everything is burning I said to be the furnace. Through metaphors Montag is proven to be a person who takes pleasure in setting things aflame, because he wants to burn the books.By using metaphors, Ray Bradbury indicates that Montag is fervent man who has strong adoration for destroying books.

Furthermore, Ray Bradbury uses metaphors and personification to portray how Montag is a vehement pyromaniac. Covered with as, Montag would “ wink at himself a minstrel man. ” In the metaphor, the enthusiastic-fire man is said to be a minstrel man. ” The metaphor conveys how Montag is pleased to be masked in layers of the remains of burnt books.

Bradbury goes on to explain how montag will “ feel the fiery smile still gripped by his face muscles” when he goes to sleep.In this example of personification, Montag’s face muscles are given the human ability to grip something. Also, through personification, Montag is shown to be dedicated to his work. By using personification and metaphors Bradbury expresses how Montag loves to destroy books by setting them on fire.

Ray Bradbury conveys Montag’s traits using an aggressive tone. The tone is constantly shown by Bradbury’s elaborate diction. Through figures of speech, Ray Bradbury portrays Montag as an individual who is deeply involved in his occupation

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