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The intent of this papers is to supply a stand-alone usher for local and province instruction bureaus faced with the undertaking of planing a new or upgrading an bing machine-controlled pupil information system. While based on a chapter from the Student Data Handbook for Elementary. Secondary. and Early Childhood Education. this usher contains extra information from a assortment of resources. most of which are cited in the text. Included in the contents are guidelines. checklists. and real-life illustrations.

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This papers was commissioned by the National Education Statistics Agenda Committee ( NESAC ) of the National Forum on Education Statistics ( a portion of the National Cooperative Education Statistics System ) and funded by the National Center for Education Statistics ( NCES ) of the U. S. Department of Education.

Through contract with the Council of Chief State School Officers ( CCSSO ) and NCES support. this papers was developed by Barbara S. Clements of Evaluation Software Publishing. Inc. It is an version of the chapter. Constructing a Student Record System. contained in the Student Data Handbook for Elementary. Secondary. and Early Childhood Education: 2000 Edition. Beth Young of NCES and Oona Cheung of CCSSO provided overall counsel to and direction of this activity. Remarks on the text were appreciatively received from province and local instruction bureau staff including Raymond Yeagley. Rochester ( NH ) School District. Lee Tack. Iowa Department of Education. Bethann Canada. Virginia Department of Education. and Carol Hokenson. Minnesota Department of Children. Families. and Learning. Design aid was provided by The Creative Shop. The original Student Data Handbook was developed in 1994 by NCES. It was the consequence of the collaborative attempt and work of NCES staff and contractors. the NESAC Student Data Task Force. local. province and federal instruction representatives and research workers from around the state. We hope this papers will supply you with utile and interesting information to assistance in planing your machine-controlled pupil record system.

The National Center for Education Statistics ( NCES ) is the primary federal entity for roll uping. analysing. and describing informations related to instruction in the United States and other states. It fulfills a congressional authorization to roll up. collate. analyze. and describe full and complete statistics on the status of instruction in the United States ; behavior and publish studies and specialised analyses of the significance and significance of such statistics ; help province and local instruction bureaus in bettering their statistical systems ; and reexamine and describe on instruction activities in foreign states. NCES activities are designed to turn to high precedence instruction informations demands ; supply consistent. dependable. complete. and accurate indexs of instruction position and tendencies ; and describe seasonably. utile. and high quality informations to the U. S. Department of Education. the Congress. the provinces. other instruction policymakers. practicians. information users. and the general populace. We strive to do our merchandises available in a assortment of formats and in linguistic communication that is appropriate to a assortment of audiences. You. as our client. are the best justice of our success in pass oning information efficaciously. If you have any remark or suggestions about this or any other NCES merchandise or study. we would wish to hear from you.


The national focal point on pupil results has placed an extra load on our nation’s schools. school territories. and province instruction bureaus. for they must supervise the accomplishment of single pupils. every bit good as groups of pupils. and demo that all pupils are run intoing high criterions for larning. An instruction organization’s ability to run into this challenge is affected by the organization’s entree to finish. accurate. and timely information about its pupils. This brochure has been developed to assist instruction organisations program and implement efficient systems for keeping and utilizing single pupil records so that effectual determinations can be made for the benefit of the pupils.

Many schools. school territories. and province instruction bureaus already collect and use informations efficaciously. However. the proliferation of new coverage demands and dramatic alterations in engineering have had a profound consequence on the demand for pupil informations and the instruction community’s ability to pull off pupil records. Purchase of more powerful computing machine hardware and package and the reconfiguration of information systems have become indispensable constituents in attempts to run into the demands of all pupils.

There is likely no individual best information system solution that can run into the demands of all 90. 000+ public schools. 16. 000+ school territories. 27. 000 private schools. and 57 instruction bureaus in provinces and outlying countries. However. there are certain stairss that could assist all instruction organisations to find the best solution for their peculiar state of affairss. This brochure can take instruction organisation decision-makers through the procedure of doing the best and most cost-efficient determinations about information direction systems devoted to single pupil records.

Constructing an Automated Student Record System describes stairss that are utile for instruction organisations to follow when planning for. designing. and implementing an machine-controlled pupil record system. This brochure should be peculiarly utile if your school or territory is traveling from paper records to automatize pupil records or if you are revising or replacing an bing system. In add-on. you may happen information that is utile if your province instruction bureau is constructing a new pupil record system or spread outing the aggregation of single pupil records.

Contentss of this BookletIncluded are 12 stairss to see when developing and implementing an machine-controlled pupil record system. Many of these stairss are relevant to the execution of any administrative record system. but our focal point here is on the particular considerations associating to pupil records. including confidentiality and entree.

After a general treatment about pupil records and pupil record systems. each measure is described. Examples. instance surveies. and checklists are included to assist you work your manner through the stairss and do important determinations. Related resource paperss will be described for some of the stairss.

It should be noted that this book is derived from a chapter that appears in the National Center for Education Statistics’ ( NCES ) Student Data Handbook for Elementary. Secondary. and Early Childhood Education: 2000 Edition. In add-on. information from other paperss developed or sponsored by NCES and the consultative group. the National Forum on Education Statistics. are referenced and parts included in this brochure. Each of these paperss is described in the Resource List at the terminal of the brochure. along with ways to obtain transcripts of the printed paperss or the on-line versions.

Student record is. by definition. any written information about a pupil. Student records can be described in footings of their contents ( e. g. . classs taken. grade point norms ) . usage ( e. g. . placing pupils eligible for the free tiffin plan ) . and storage medium ( e. g. . a manilla file booklet ) . The care of extended. accurate. historical. and current informations about single pupils is indispensable to the operation of schools and school territories. and can advance effectual educational patterns at all degrees of the instruction system.

The contents of the pupil record are determined by the utilizations of the records. Typical contents may include household information. courses taken and classs. particular plan engagement information. immunisation records. appraisal tonss. extracurricular activities. and other information that is used by the instruction system to advance pupil success and supply appropriate services. Some of this information should be standard across schoolrooms. schools. territories. and provinces. while other information can be alone to the peculiar schoolroom. school. or territory.

Student records are used for many of import educational intents. including direction and counsel determinations ; supervising conformity with attending and wellness Torahs ; and administrative intents. such as finding tuition position. scheduling pupils into categories. be aftering school coach paths. supervising plan completion. and finishing studies for local. province. and federal governments. The pupil record normally contains the information necessary for each of these intents at the school or territory degree. Instructional direction systems are often linked to pupil record systems to supply more analytical capableness for instructors and decision makers. These systems allow for pupil acquisition programs. individualized instruction programs ( IEPs ) . portfolios. and other pupil merchandises to be stored and retrieved for instructional decision-making and achievement monitoring.

A pupil record may be kept on file in a schoolroom. school office. school territory office. intermediate bureau. province instruction bureau. or other sanctioned location. The record may incorporate information collected from the pupil ( or household ) ; from instructors and other school staff ; and from other beginnings outside the school. such as wellness attention suppliers or proving companies. The record for a pupil may be stored in a cardinal location ( such as a school computing machine ) for the convenience of anyone with authorised entree and a demand to obtain information ; or there may be a separate paper or computing machine record maintained by each individual who has contact with a pupil. Some parts of the record may even be stored outside the school. as happens when pupil wellness records are stored and maintained by the local public wellness service. or when province trial tonss are stored and maintained at the province instruction bureau.

No affair where the pupil records are stored. processs must be in topographic point to guarantee that entree is granted merely to authorized persons and that merely authorized persons have the capacity to keep ( update ) the records. Student records traditionally have been kept merely at the school or territory degree. In recent old ages. nevertheless. many province instruction bureaus have begun to roll up single pupil records. State-level records typically consist of informations about pupil features. plan engagement and appraisal results––a subset of the informations normally maintained at the school and territory degrees. The intents of state-level databases are to advance uninterrupted betterment in schools. program for plan alterations to assist pupils accomplish high criterions. administer financess. and hold schools and territories accountable for pupil accomplishment. Most of the information included in state-level databases comes straight from schools and territories. and the information may be transmitted electronically among degrees of the state’s school system.

In drumhead. a complete pupil record may be a individual file. or it can be made up of several separate records. each with specific content or utilizations and each stored and maintained in a different manner.

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