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Analysis of “Looking for Alibrandi” by Melinda Marchetta

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In the book “Looking for Alibrandi” by Melinda Marchetta, Josephine Alibrandi’s life is influenced by her mother Christina,her father Michael, while Christina’s life is influenced by the grandma Katia. Josie’s attitudes and way of thinking changes by the influence that her parents have on her. Josie is not the same girl at the end of book as she was at the beginning. “How dare you think that I want to be in your life! I don’t want you anywhere near us, especially my mother” (Josie to Michael- page 69).

These are just some of the many words Josie spat out at Michael in one of their many arguments.

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Analysis of “Looking for Alibrandi” by Melinda Marchetta
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From that point on she, Josie, is forcing herself to hate Michael for what he had done to her mother But as the book progresses Josie finds herself actually starting to bond with her father and he ended up having positive influences on Josie’s career which led her to choosing to become a barrister.

They fight because Josie used to get teased about not having a father. This built up her anger towards him. The second person and family member to have an influence on Josie’s life was her mother Christina.

Because Christina is Josie’s mother, she probably has the most influence on her daughters life. At one point in the book Josie and Christina start fighting because Christina says that she would have been in a job of pottery if Josie wasn’t born, because that is one of her many passions, but Josie takes this the wrong way and it changes and impacts her relationship with her mother by josie feeling that her mother could be doing what she loved and not be shammed by the Italian community if Josie was aborted.

But the Influence extends towards the grandma, Katia when Josie starts to rebel. She rebels because her grandmother is saying that their “line” (family line) is cursed which makes Josie want to rebel and start dating people who she knows the Italian community and her family wouldn’t approve of her dating because Josie feels that she could break the “curse”. This shows a negative influence from family members. Christina’s life was also influenced and changed by her mother, Katia Alibrandi.

The main problems between the mother and daughter begin when Christina falls pregnant with Josie. During this time Katia and Christina’s father reject her, this means that they have greatly changed how she, Christina sees them and how she will end up bringing up Josie because she knows that at this special time you do need your parents support. They also clash heads due to the fact that Christina feels that Katia interferes to much with the way Josie is brought up.

This influences how Christina chooses to bring up Josie because almost children and even some adults feel that they just have to do the opposite of what their parents say. “You know, a wonderful thing happened to me when I reflected back on my year. ‘One day’ came. Because finally I understood. ” (Josie- page. 261) Josie wouldn’t have come to this realisation without the influences and impact of Josie’s parents and of her grandma, she also would have had less of an understanding of herself and others.

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