“Looking for Alibrandi” and “Remember the Titans”

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Change is the process of making something become different, affecting every aspect of life. People are compelled to change due to various circumstances. Both Melina Merchetta’s novel, Looking for Alibrandi, and Boaz Yakin’s movie, Remember the Titans, exemplify change in different scenarios. Reflecting upon these mediums, it becomes apparent that change is often imposed upon individuals, and its outcomes can be either positive or negative depending on one’s perspective. Change has the power to shape people’s choices when they find themselves in certain situations. In the opening of the novel, Josie’s first encounter with her father takes place when Nonna beckons her to the door.

The quote “That’s bull,” I shouted angrily, demonstrates the use of colloquial language. It helps the audience understand the intense hatred and bitterness that Josie feels towards her father. Josie further emphasizes her indifference towards him by stating, “I don’t care about him. I wouldn’t care if he was sitting in this room with us now; I’d look straight through him.” Another quote, “I was so stressed out about the whole affair,” reinforces her negative emotions towards the situation.

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The proximity to a man who I have constantly kept mentally distant astonishes me. It illustrates that people’s reactions can be influenced when they find themselves in unexpected situations. Significant shifts in life can bring out the best in individuals. In the novel, John Barton’s suicide occurs towards the end.

The use of hyperbole in the quote “I would rather die than ever see you suffering this way. I don’t want you or any child I ever have or any woman I ever love to go through or feel what you’re going through, but its happened and I don’t know what to do.” shows how significantly Michael’s opinion of Josie has changed, indicating that the extent of the change can impact a person’s transformation. Throughout both the novel and the film, alterations in circumstances affect individuals’ choices and perceptions of one another. However, in Looking for Alibrandi, one person is influenced by change more than others, while in Remember the Titans, the entire city is affected by change.

Change can bring out people’s true nature, as seen in the opening scene of the film where the team is divided by their different skin colors in the lunchroom. The use of a long shot emphasizes the animosity and fear between the two racial groups. This sentiment is further reinforced by the quote “I see you’re eating lunch. Why aren’t you with your people?” It highlights how change can reveal individuals’ genuine emotions. Change is often induced by external circumstances that compel adaptation.

The scene in which Boom brings the team to the field where the battle of Gettysburg took place occurs approximately halfway through the film. The strategic use of dim lighting and the presence of fog among the graves effectively convey the anguish and torment experienced on that very battlefield. Furthermore, it emphasizes Coach Boom’s strong desire for the team to unify, regardless of their skin color. This notion is supported by his statement, “This is where they fought the battle of Gettysburg.”

Fifty thousand men perished on this very field, battling the same struggle that we continue to wage against one another today. Should we fail to unite on this sacred land, we too shall face destruction similar to theirs. Whether or not you harbor fondness for one another is of no concern to me, but you will treat each other with respect. And perhaps… I’m uncertain, but maybe we will acquire the capacity to approach this contest as honorable individuals.” Various circumstances can elicit shifts in people’s beliefs. Change is an ever-present phenomenon, and its nature is subjective, depending on one’s perspective.

The scene occurs at the end of the movie when the Titans win the state championship match, where Hermann Boom and coach Yokes hold up the game ball high. The low angle shot on the football emphasizes the coming together of the blacks and whites, signifying a significant event. This moment showcases a profound shift, which is realized by the team and other characters throughout the film. It demonstrates that change is constant and its outcome is influenced by one’s response to it.

Both the film and the novel depict incidents in people’s lives that lead to change. These changes are brought about by various situations and ultimately result in positive outcomes.

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