Mean Girls and Looking for Alibrandi

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In this speech, the student compares the differences between Regina George’s family in Mean Girls and Josie Alibrandi’s family in Looking for Alibrandi. Regina’s family is shown to be laid back and Regina has control over her family, while Josie’s family is more traditional and she has a strained relationship with her Nonna Katia. The student also compares the teenage relationships in both works, with Regina dating someone to make someone else jealous, while Josie’s relationship with Jacob Coote is built on love, trust, and honesty. The student emphasizes the importance of respect for elders and good communication in relationships.

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Today, I will be giving a speech that compares Mean Girls and Looking for Alibrandi, with a focus on teenage adolescence. Specifically, I will be analyzing the contrasting family dynamics of Regina George and Josie Alibrandi and also exploring various teen relationships.

Regina’s family and Josie’s family have stark differences. Regina’s family exemplifies the quintessential American lifestyle – relaxed and affording Regina all the freedom she craves. In the movie, Regina boldly announces, “this was my parents room but I made them trade with me,” highlighting her lack of respect for her mother and father. The director cleverly demonstrates how Regina can assert control over her own family dynamics.

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Regina has persuaded her mother to embrace a calm and casual approach to parenting, leading her mother to proclaim, “I’m not your typical mom, I’m a cool mom.” The director shows how Regina’s impact has also reached her younger sister. Regina’s mother endeavors to relate with teenagers and imitate Regina’s conduct in order to blend in. The director aims to depict Regina’s mom as youthful and fashionable, guaranteeing that Regina doesn’t feel humiliated and remains popular. In contrast, Josie and her family possess an entirely distinct dynamic from that of Regina’s family.

Josie, an only child, lives with her mother and has never met her father. Initially, she has a strained relationship with Nonna Katia and often displays disrespectful behavior towards her. Nonna Katia believes that as an elder, she deserves to be respected and emphasizes this by saying, “I am an old woman now and I deserve respect.” The film’s director aims to encourage teenagers to show respect towards their elders and have a more positive attitude. Nonna Katia also expresses her belief that today’s youth lack respect due to the excessive freedom given to them in their relationships by their parents. In the movie, Regina is involved with Aaron Samuels, who is part of Regina’s popular clique and plays football; Regina holds him in high regard. However, it becomes evident that Regina is dating Aaron solely to provoke jealousy in Cady. The director highlights Regina’s envy towards Cady because she was interested in Cady’s former boyfriend while depicting how teenage relationships function in this era.

The novel “Looking for Alibrandi” features Josie and her relationship with Jacob Coote. Initially, Jacob is simply a friend to Josie, but their connection grows over time. Despite attending different schools, they develop romantic feelings for each other at a school dance, which happens to be Josie’s first ever dance. While accompanying her home, Jacob desires to kiss her but respects her boundaries and chooses to wait until she is ready. Interestingly, Josie’s bond with Jacob stands in stark contrast to Regina’s relationship characterized by jealousy and dishonesty. In comparison, Josie and Jacob’s relationship thrives on love, trust, and honesty.

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