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Mean Girls and Looking for Alibrandi

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Mean girls and looking for alibrandi Today I will be doing a speech on looking for alibrandi and mean girls I will be focusing on the teenage adolesces I will be comparing the relationship differences between Regina Georges family and Josie alibrandi’s family and I will be also focusing on teen relationships.

Regina’s family is very different from Josie’s family; Regina’s family is a typical American family laid back and Regina gets all the freedom that she desires in the movie Regina says “this was my parents room but I made them trade with me” the director has made Regina lack respect for her mother and father and made them switch rooms and has shown Regina can take control over her family.

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Mean Girls and Looking for Alibrandi
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Regina has influenced her mother to be laid back and relaxed mum like her mother said “I’m not a regular mum I’m a cool mum” the director has shown what her mother has influenced onto Regina and her little sister, Regina’s mother is trying to fit in with younger teenagers and she tends to try hang out and be like Regina.

The director wants to make Regina’s mum a young and cool so Regina doesn’t get embarrassed and keep her reputation as a popular. Josie and her family are completely different from Regina’s family.

Josie is an only child in her family and lives with her mother and has never met her father in her life. Josie at the start of the book does not have a good relationship with her Nonna Katia and tends to give her attitude towards her. Nonna Katia believes that she should be respected because she is an elder; she says “I am an old woman now and I deserve respect. ” The director is trying to show teenagers that they should give respect to their elders and less attitude. She also mentions “but there is no respect left with the youth of today. She is trying to say that the public of today have lost respect because parents have given too much freedom to teenage Relationships. Regina in the movie is in relationship with Aaron Samuels, Aaron is also in Regina’s clique as a popular, he is on the football team and Regina adores him. But the only reason Regina dates Aaron is to make Cady jealous. The director has shown that Regina got jealous of Cady because she liked her ex and how teenage relationships work in this generation.

In looking for alibrandi, Josie has a boyfriend named Jacob Coote; Jacob starts off as Josie friend and gains a better and stronger relationship. They both to two different schools and they both fell for each other at a school dance. This was joises first ever dance she went to. When Jacob decides to drop her home he wants to kiss her but he knows she’s not ready and decides to wait. The two different relationships are very different from each other, Regina’s Relationship shows jealousy and a lack of honesty, but Josie’s relationship shows love trust and honesty

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Mean Girls and Looking for Alibrandi. (2016, Sep 17). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/mean-girls-and-looking-for-alibrandi/

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