Bass Fishing vs Crappie Fishings

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If you have ever caught a seven-pound bass or a three-pound crappie, you know the excitement that comes with it. Bass and crappie fishing have similarities and differences in terms of rods, reels, and techniques. Both types of fishing require specific rod and reel setups.

When crappie fishing, it is recommended to use an ultra-light setup. Any type of ultra-light setup works well for this purpose. The longer and more flexible the rod is, the farther you can cast the lure.

On the other hand, bass fishing requires different rods depending on the type of lure being used. For casting spinner baits, a six to six and a half foot rod with medium action and extra fast tip is suggested.

In terms of reels, a high-speed one with a gear ratio around 6.2 to 1 is commonly utilized.

When fishing with a worm, the reel remains consistent while the rod typically has a length ranging from six and a half to seven feet. The rod has medium-heavy action and a fast tip.

The lures employed for bass fishing are distinct from those used in crappie fishing; however, they do have some similarities. Bass fishing utilizes spinner baits, crank baits, plastic worms, and jigs as its primary lures. Similarly, spinner baits and jigs are also popular in crappie fishing. Nevertheless, when utilized in crappie fishing, these spinner baits and jigs are generally smaller in size.

Spinner baits and jigs weighing between 1/8 to 1 ounce are commonly used for bass fishing, whereas in crappie fishing, weights range from 1/64 to 1/8 ounce. The techniques employed in both types of fishing are quite similar and when a productive spot is found, it tends to consistently yield results. It is highly recommended to fish over brush for both bass and crappie as these fish typically gather around drop-offs and thrive in areas with abundant structure. However, the technique of selecting a fishing line differs significantly.

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