Luis Garavito: The World’s Worst Serial Killer

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He choose poor kids because he knew they ill never be reported as missing because they will never pay no attention if they were missed or just runaways to their own families. How this animal grew up is, believed that he had some childhood issue that have led him to commit this horrible crimes. He was the oldest of all seven brothers and was constantly abused by his dad resulting major physical, mental and sexual abuse. He attended school only for a couple of years and started the path to a very difficult childhood, as they went through constant abuse by his father and neighbors.

At age 16 he started working as a store clerk then in the streets sailing religious items and paying cards. Then as an adult Gravity went from job to job, with a heavy drinking problem as well making him more aggressive and moving from town to town. He even attempted one time to kill himself from that he was receiving psychology care for at least 5 years according to the police records giving. It is also know that he is the most serial killer with one of the highest proven numbers of victims.

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On beginning of 1998, 2 naked corpses of young children were found beside one on other on small town outside Colombia. The following day after the recovery of those two kids another body was found this one in a really bad decomposition state. There was a lot of blood stains that could be detected around the crime scene area, also a knife. They had their neck and their external genitals gratingly cut off. Also the medical examiner discovered bite marks and signs of anal penetration.

Found at that crime scene was also found a bottle of lubricant at that time DNA typing of the collected stains were not able to be determined due to the cost of them. It was known that this animal liked to approach as a disable man who needed help or even Offer the poor low income kids money for their help. Once he got their attention and they didn’t feel fear for him that when the animal came out. Investigators began to put together his profile and then discover that there has been thousands of more case related with missing kids and all had the same signature as “the beast”.

The investigators had difficulties identifying the kids because they have never went to the dentist and was hard to identify them though their dental remains. The signature that the investigators identify were decapitation and the ways describe before how he attempt to approach the kids. Even though the bodies were in a highly decomposition stage the only way to prove was the notches in the vertebra of the neck. Also they had the marks of the cuts of the old knife used to cut their thought since it was old he had to even doing harder on their necks.

He also stabbed them on the abdomen area also in many cases they found bottles of cheap liquor around the crime scene. He liked to see them suffer and feel they can escape from him but that didn’t append, he tortured them slowly and also anal penetration seems to be a common feature of the cases, but it remains unclear if this was a post mortem or peer mortem act. How they determinate of identity this animal, Gravity had been arrested under the name of a politician.

At that time they were not able to get his fingerprints due to lack of technology. Although police were able to identify he was Guarantor and was the suspect they have been looking for, because on of Graviton family member had gave them a box of things full with notes and pictures of the kids that he had killed. Later that year the police showed all the evidence they had against him and he finally confessed to committing all crimes all he said was for god to forgiveness.

Is known now that since 1 992 he had killed more than 200 boys today is close to 300. On 2003 he was technically found guilty 70 times, for 160 separate killings. Since Gravity was considered to be conscious of committing his crimes he was not able to be send to a forensic psychiatric institution for an indefinite time. Therefore he was sentenced a prison. After hey added up all his killing he was sentenced to 2600 years in prison.

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