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Maja blanca with squash

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  • Pages 8
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    Summary of the project

    1.1.1 Name of the firm
    The name of the Company would be “Ma d’ Licious”. The proponents choose it because it’s easy to spell and pronounce for starters, and meaningful to the customers, not just to you. And also short term of Maja Blanca and Delicious. This firm will have a good impact on the customer especially the “kids” because this name is now becoming a common expression of the people. A HEALTHY FOOD JUST FOR YOU!!! Another type of majablanca could be made from squash with malunggay or moringa.

    Squash and moringa are known to be healthy vegetables. Squash in particular is rich in beta carotene as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, protein, fats, carbohydrates, niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. One of the major health benefit from squash is preventing the growth of cancer cells with the help of beta carotene that blocked cancer cells. Another is cutting the risk of gallstone through the help of magnesium. And because squash is rich in potassium, it also helps in lowering the risk of developing high blood pressure and decrease high blood pressure in people who already

    1.1.2 Location
    1.2.1 Head office
    Head office is located at the #92 Gil. Puyat, Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City, Metro Manila in front of PNR Buendia Station. Near at the ABE International Business College where most students. Which everyone can see this and compare to other establishments. Offer lower prices is to lower costs especially to the students out their near Makati. 1.2.2 Plant size

    “Ma d’ Licious” has a total land areas of 80 square meter. The plant location is located at the #92 Gil. Puyat, Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City near at ABE International Business College – Makati Campus South Super Highway. The target market are the students and employees.

    1.3.3 Brief description of the project
    “Ma d’ Licious” is a local product that aims is to make Maja Blanca which is the main ingredient is Squash have nutrient rich in Vitamins A, C and also contain calcium and iron. The health benefits of squash can protect us against the damaging effects of sun exposure and preventing dehydration. Our aims is to deal with the quality of the Maja with it’s additive (squash) and compare it to commercial Maja Blanca. This study uses experimentation and surveying seven panelists to taste the product and compare it to commercial one. After the survey, the researcher evaluate the results of how the panelists rate the product.The result of the survey is, squash can be additive in making to an original maja blanca.

    Background of the study

    2.1 Brief Background of the study
    History of Native Delicacies in Philippines
    The influences of our country’s colonizers and visitors have greatly contributed to our wide array of Filipino delicacies. The Spaniards, who colonized our country for more than 300 hundred years, are the greatest contributors. About 80% of our native dishes have a Spanish influence. We all know that squash is one of the most abundant in the Philippines so that’s why it is not that very expensive. It is also nutritious. It has Vitamin A, C also contain calcium and iron, carbohydrates and many more. Maja Blanca is one of the most preferable snack of many people because of it’s delicious taste, and it easily makes you full. It is very easy to make, too. The researcher comes up with this study because it’s very interesting to add flavoring to Maja Blanca to become more nutritious.

    2.2.1 Objectives of the study
    -The objectives of the study are the following:
    -To promote product quality
    -To enhances their capability to experiment their own product -To satisfy the customer’s need and wants
    -To satisfy our sweet tooth
    -To promote nutritious food in affordable price
    -To help my skills as an entrepreneur student in marketing and management.

    2.3 Operational Definition of Terms
    2.3.1 Manjar Blanco – this dessert was adapted from a traditional holiday dessert in Spain. Meaning white delicacy. It usually has a creamy white color, and it’s consistency is similar to a thick gelatin. 2.3.2 Calabazas – (Filipino:kalabasa) and a version of majamaiz that uses butter, resulting in a distinctive yellow color. 2.3.3 Latik – (browned coconut cream curds) are then sprinkled as toppings. 2.3.4 Agar – (gulaman in Filipino) can be substituted for cornstarch. 2.3.5 Maja Blanca – is also known as majablanca con maiz, or majablancamaiz when corn kernels are used in the preparation (maiz is Spanish for corn).

    2.4 Scope and Limitations of the study
    The scope of this study is limited only in produced product of “Ma d’ Licious” to be put at #92 Gil. Puyat, Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City near at the ABE International Business College. The main objective of this is to educate with costumer to offer quality of products.

    Market Study

    3.1 Objectives of the market study
    – to promotes product quality
    -to promote the uniqueness of the product or service
    – to enhances their capability to experimenting their own product – to satisfy the customer’s need and wants

    3.2 Methodology
    – Banners Ads: are an excellent way to get company names and messages in front of the masses, and studies have linked web banners to higher brand awareness and consumers’ incentive to buy. – Leaflet: a piece of paper, or several pieces of paper folded together, that gives information or advertises. – Poster: a large printed notice, picture, or photograph, used to advertise something or as a decoration

    3.3 Demand
    3.3.1 Consumption for the past year
    Table 1

    For the research to know the population of the target market, they search (* Source 2010 it says that every year the population increased by 0.99%

    3.3.2 Major consumers of the product
    Table 2

    Based on the survey the proponents conducted, it shows that 86% of the population is willing to avail the product. The proponent surveyed 100 respondents and 86 of it said yes, that they are willing to avail the product while only 14 on them answered no which means that the proposed business has an above average that it can be successful based upon the surv

    3.3.3 Projected Demand
    Table 3
    YearProjected Demand

    The proponent also used the Straight Line method to compute the projected demand.

    3.4.1 Supply for the past year
    Table 4

    Based on the interview the proponents conducted with one direct competitor and two indirect competitors to the product, they get 55% that the three direct competitors are catering to the demand. The direct competitor serves 15% only from the demand. The first indirect competitor serves 12% and the second indirect competitor serves 8% from the demand.

    (Projected Demand-Projected Supply)
    3.5 Demand/Supply Gap
    YearDemandSupplyDemand and Supply Gap

    3.6 Projected Sales
    YearDemand and Supply GapMarket Share %Target market

    3.7 Marketing Strategies

    3.7.1 Product
    “Ma d’ Licious” offer products that promote a quality of product and attractive snacks. The purpose of this is to promote good product and etc. Although Maja Blanca has been one of the Filipino’s traditional holiday dessert, they usually served this during fiestas and during the holidays, especially Christmas. It exist in the Philippines through the Spanish influence. A variety of desserts originated in Spain that was adapted by us,
    Filipinos, is an evident to be considered why maja blanca also became popular. In the Philippines, maja blanca is primarily made from coconut milk, this was much known as coconut pudding. It has a consistency of thick gelatin and delicate flavor that is usually creamy white in color. This is done through mixing of coconut milk and corn starch heated to boiling over a low flame while stirring often added by milk, corn kernels and sugar. As it thickens, it is then poured into serving dishes previously greased with coconut oil and allowed to cool. Once firm, it was sprinkled by latik (browned coconut cream curds) as toppings. Categories of product
    “Ma d’ Licious” made from Maja Blanca with Squash. They can try the HEALTHY and YUMMY SQUASH MAJA. Also offer a good taste in the mouth. Brand (Trademark) Logo
    The products trademark will be the same as the name of the business firm. Packaging
    The packaging of the product will be in the Eco Friendly Paper Bags because paper bag is a environmentally friendly than a plastic. Being a reputed manufacturer and supplier of bags, we offer Eco Friendly Shopping Paper Bags that are manufactured using supreme quality raw material following stringent quality measures as per standards. These are very light in weight and are designed on extraordinary patterns which make them very lucrative. Shopping Bags are widely used for shopping purposes and have a tremendous ability to carry weight. Features:

    -Various colors and designs
    -Extraordinary patterns
    -Eco Friendly

    3.7.2 Prices of Product
    The proponents will be using the good value pricing strategy which is recommend for new business. This product offer the lower price. The target market pricing may lead to high sales value and therefore lower costs per unit. The mark-up is based on the assumption that is set a fixed percentage
    of mark-up with our products. Production material for Maja Blanca Squash

    Raw MaterialsQuantityPrice
    Sugar2packPhp 32.00
    Cornstarch1boxPhp 34.50
    Evaporada1 1/2canPhp 62.40
    Condense1 1/2 canPhp 54.20
    Corn1 cupPhp 34.50
    Squash1 kPhp 50.00
    Coconut Milk8cupPhp 75.00
    Star Margarine1cupPhp 26.00
    Llanera with paper bag2packPhp 80.00

    TTotal: Php 448.6
    Mark up:

    3.7.3 Place of distribution

    The proponents place of distribution will be at #92 Gil. Puyat, Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City; Metro Manila near at ABE International Business College. This is a good choice of place because there are many people out there and there are many students near at ABE International Business College and many business establishment.

    3.7.4 Promotion / advertising ( whole advertisement )
    A good advertising program educates potential customers on why they need the product, how it is used and the benefits derived from its use. A successful program also tells the consumer how the product is better than similar offerings by competitors. By giving flyers, print ads in any store outlets or etc.

    Technical Study

    4.1 Objectives of the study
    – to know about our product “Ma d’ Licious”
    – to be able to provide the process of how to make Maja Blanca with squash. – to be determined in producing desired product for customer’s. – to access the business financial, population of workers and others.

    4.2 Description of the product
    “ Ma d’ Licious” is a dessert that the main ingredient is “Squash”, it have nutrient that good for our body.

    4.2.1 Uses of the product
    “Ma d’ Licious” is made of maja blanca with squash, it helps to prevent growth of cancer cells with help of Beta Carotene that blocked cancer cells. Another is cutting the risk of gallstone through the help og magnesium. And because squash is rich in potassium, it also helps in lowering the risk of developing high blood pressure and decrease high blood pressure in people who already.

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