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Concept Paper: Bullying

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The bill, now a awe defines acts of bullying in schools and authorizes these institutions to impose sanctions on student bullies. Bullying is the most common form of violence in schools, not only in elementary and secondary schools but also in tertiary level schools may it be state universities, school foundations or private colleges and universities. Students are ridiculed, taunted, teased, mocked and made fun of by fellow students who think or feel that they can get away with such behavior because they are superior, or great than the students they bully.

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Concept Paper: Bullying
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Schools and its administrators are always in a dilemma as to they would address bullies In the amp’s. In previous news, a student from a very prestigious private school was a victim when a father of a classmate brought a gun In school toted It to a student Inside the classroom. This was a very controversial Issue that may have somehow hastened the passing of the anti;bullying law.

A recent news also tackled about bullying in which a 12 year – old victim committed suicide by hanging herself due to depression from being bullied by her classmates.

It is therefore imperative for schools to come up with programs to promote such law and to make students aware of what they could do about the issue. It is the aim of this research to find out how knowledgeable or to determine the General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Incorporated students’ level of awareness about this matter and how they could help deter future bullies. Students’ level of awareness will best serve as a basis on the development of possible intervention programs for the institution to prevent their students’ sense of security.

Also, this study will answer If what are the common grounds and Impacts of bullying among the students of General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Incorporated. Target Respondents: Target respondents of the study are students in college level enrolled at and General Locale: The area of coverage for the study is limited to the college students from General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Incorporated.

CONCEPT PAPER Objectives of the Study: The goal of this study is to investigate the main cause and the impacts of bullying and to know the level of awareness on bullying among the students of General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Inc. , thereby improving the knowledge of students as well as the instructors and administrators of the institution in implementing intervention programs against bullying. The objectives of this study are: 1 . ) To know the level of awareness on bullying among the students of General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Inc,. . ) To empirically investigate the main cause and impact of bullying among the students of General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Inc,. 3. ) To make the students aware about the cause and impact of bullying. 4. ) To provide conclusions and recommendations for the instructors, administrators as well as the counselors of the institution in implementing intervention programs against bullying. Background: Gouges, Kruger and Burger (2003:6) describe the teenage years as challenging for many adolescents.

The school environment often contributes to the challenges through learners who negate some of their peers’ basic human rights. Most cases are among elementary pupils and high school students but it is among the college level students in which serious cases of bullying happen. Pigskin (2003:555) mentions that, “Bullying in schools is a worldwide problem that can have negative consequences for the general school climate and for the right of the students to learn in a safe environment without fear.

Horned and Standardizes (2003:431) note that almost every adult in the United Sates can remember a childhood experience of school aggression and almost every child can remember being a victim, a bully or a bystander to the bullying. Furnish (2003:9) mentions that bullying in school causes widespread negative experiences such as misery, distress, fear, anxiety, anger and helplessness.

According to Hammond (2006:14), “Educationists are reporting that violence amongst students are increasing and instructors as well as the counselors are complaining about the violent character and seductive habits of so many of the students they are assigned to work with. ” Over the years, abundant studies have been conducted about bullying but most are focused on what are the effects of bullying in the different aspects of one’s life. Seldom are the studies about on how to avoid and limit bullying. And this is the sole reason why the researchers have come up with this kind of study.

The researchers are not only interested to state the grounds and impacts of bullying among students in General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Incorporated but also articulacy to the level of awareness on bullying among these students. It is interesting to identify this level of awareness amongst the students for it will be useful as a basis of the development of an intervention program for students of General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Incorporated to improve not only their sense of security but most of all their knowledge on what is bullying all about 1 . What is the main cause of bullying among college students? 2. ) What are the grounds of bullying? 3. ) What are the impacts of bullying among college students? 4. ) Are some dents more likely be bullied than others? 5. ) Are there differences in bullying experiences of girls and boys? 6. ) Does bullying cause health problems? 7. ) Why don’t bullied students tell? 8. ) What are the feelings of the bystanders? 9. ) What can be done to stop bullying? 10. ) What problems can victims come across after bullying? 11 Does society see bullying as a major problem today? 2. ) Does the level of awareness on bullying among students contribute to cease / trigger bullying? Methods: Participants Sampling of study participants will utilize Stratified Random sampling techniques. Research participants will be drawn from the bona fide students of General Santos Doctors’ Medical School Foundation Incorporated in General Santos City, North Someone, Bulling, General Santos City during the first semester of school year 2013 – 2014 and their family members. Measures For the study, the researchers will use applied research.

By tackling the problem of bullying among college students, it is hoped that the data that will be collected will help practitioners who deal with bullying as well as guide adjustments of existing policies and programs. Another reason that the researchers deem it necessary to use applied research is that knowledge does exist about bullying among college students as well as the fact that bullying has a great impact. The researchers will use the quantitative – descriptive design (Boucher & De Voss, 2005:137).

This design is described by the authors as more quantitative in nature and requires questionnaires as a data collection method. The questionnaire is the most suitable method of data collection for this research due to the sensitive nature of the study. The type of quantitative descriptive design which the researchers will use is the randomized cross – sectional survey design. This type of design is describe by Boucher and De Voss (2005:137) as one of two designs most commonly used in surveys. The most suitable data collection method for the research is the questionnaire.

Stardom (2005:166) states that the main objective of a questionnaire is to obtain many facts and opinions from people who are informed about an issue. Kumar (2005:126) defines the questionnaire as: “a written list of questions, the answers to which are recorded by the respondents. In a questionnaire, respondents read the questions, interpret what is expected and write down the answer. The type of questionnaire that will be used is the group – administered questionnaire. Delbert (2005:169) describes this type of questionnaire as one which is completed by those present in the group.

The researchers will ask the respondents to spread themselves out while answering the questions to be included for the study are combination of closed questions and multiple – choice questions. The reason for this is that after reviewing the literature the subject of bullying had been studied substantially and a decision was made to use closed questions. The researchers are of the opinion that it would be important o use multiple – choice questions as these types of questions are used when the information can be divided into hard and fast categories.

Once the data is collected from the questionnaires that were answered and returned by the respondents, the data will be encoded and statistics will be used to interpret. Procedure Data collection will triangulate qualitative research methods (namely individual in- depth interviews, surveys and participant observation) with systematic literature review. All interviews and discussions will be recorded, transcribed verbatim, entered into computer and subjected to analysis.

In-depth interviews shall also be conducted to extract information from the participants regarding their awareness on bullying. Work Plan The study will start with the identification of respondents from the students of General Santos Doctors Medical School Foundation Inc,. Survey questionnaires shall be used to gather data and interviews shall be conducted to validate the responses and to obtain other information relevant to the study. All ethical considerations shall be considered and respondents shall be briefed as to the background of the study upon submission of the answered questionnaires.

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