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Squash Catsup Sample

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SDF want to certify that the versatility of squash and the assortments of catsup can open a new thought that squash can be used as an alternate ingredient in doing ketchup. so SDF Company introduced ketchup made in squash. This can be use as a dip for fried nutrients. It can be besides use as a base for assorted sauces. It may last for 1 month without any alterations in gustatory sensation and olfactory property. The squash ketchup looks like the banana ketchup.

its colour. visual aspect and gustatory sensation. It has equal sugariness and spice. The texture of the merchandise is smooth. SDF Company believe that compared to the other ketchup. Squash Catsup is more low-cost and more alimentary because of its chief ingredients. squash.

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Squash Catsup Sample
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Ingredients| Cost| Ingredients| Cost|Squash| ?60| Pepper| ?5|Bell Pepper| ?10| Cornstarch| ?5|Onion| ?5| Cayenne| ?7|Garlic| ?5| Chili Powder| ?8|Vinegar| ?7| Paprika| ?8|Sugar| ?13| Salt| ?5|Entire: ?138|

Squash Catsup is a new natural merchandise to the society. It is more advantageous to utilize because it is cheaper compared to the usual ketchup found in the market.

Squash Catsup will give the maker an thought of doing different assortments of nutrients from natural merchandises. Selling natural merchandises will be advantageous to the maker because consumers will look up to their merchandises for its high quality and affordability. And squash ketchup will promote the consumers to utilize natural merchandises than utilizing commercialised merchandises that contains chemicals. It will besides give the consumers alternative condiment in cookery. Consumer can besides guarantee the alimentary value of the merchandise because of its chief ingredient.

What makes your concern thought innovative?Squash Catsup was made of squash which was ne’er been introduced in the market. It was a natural merchandise that most of the consumers were looking for. Squash Catsup makes as a protection against malignant neoplastic disease. And the chief ingredient squash was rich in H2O that will forestall desiccation.

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