Malaysian Pest Analysis And Government Report Tourism

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The aims in this subdivision will uncover on what does the intents of this research undertaking served. First, this undertaking will briefly discourse about PESTE ( Politic, Economic, Sociocultural, Technology, and Ecological ) analysis on Malaysia. The treatment will travel on into the literature portion whereby it will foremost discourse assorted type of definitions of touristry. Then it will discourse about the touristry be aftering five attacks which will be Boosterism, Economic, Physical/Spatial, Community and Sustainable that has been utilized by Malaysia authorities.

1.2.1 Politic

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Malaya, which is now known as the peninsular Malaysia, became independent on August 31, 1957. In twelvemonth 1963, Malaya merged with Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak to organize Malaysia. But after two old ages, Singapore has become an independent state on 9 August 1965. Now, Malaysia consists of 13 provinces whereby 11 of its are on Malay Peninsula and the other two, Sabah and Sarawak are on the island of Borneo. It has three federal districts which is Kuala Lumpur, Labuan island, and Putrajaya federal administrative district. Each province has an assembly and authorities which are headed by a main curate. Among 13 of these provinces, 9 of the provinces have familial swayers which are normally titled as “ grand Turks ” while the remainder of the four provinces have appointed governors in counterpart places.

Although Malaysia is known for its rigorous regulations but tourer who are sing Malaysia non more than one month does non necessitate visa from the Malayan Immigration Department. It is besides of import that aliens follow the conditions and Torahs of Malaysia.

1.2.2 Economy

After 1957 where Malaysia became independent, the economic system of the state was chiefly based on gum elastic and Sn. Since so, economic system was turning and go a more industrialised market. In the 1997-1998 East Asiatic crises, Malaysia was one of the states that involved in the Asiatic crisis but did non affect the International Monetary Fund ( Sundaram, 2006 ) . But it recovered from the recession really fast and since so, the economic was really stable with a GDP rate of RM679,687 million in twelvemonth 2009 ( Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2010 ) . The authorities has spend an sum of RM 40.1 billion in subsidising gasoline, natural gas, nutrient and route tolls in twelvemonth 2007. Malaysia besides does hold a lower per centum in unemployment rate which is 3.3 % recorded in July 2010 and 3.1 % in August 2010 ( Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2010 ) .

1.2.3 Socio-cultural

Harmonizing to the Official Website of Department of Statistics Malaysia which was updated on 02 July 2010, it is stated that Malaysia presently has 28.25 1000000s people. It is good known that Malaysia is a multicultural state which consists of a mixture different cultural which are Chinese, Indian, Malay, and besides autochthonal and others. Malayans makes up about half of the Malaysia and so follows by Chinese and Indian. Most of the Malayans are Islam while others may belong to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism or other/none. Malaysia was recorded an one-year rate of growing of 2.0 % .

The official linguistic communication used in Malaysia was Bahasa Melayu, so followed by other linguistic communication such as Chinese which comes with assorted idioms, English, Tamil and others. This makes Malaysia a perfect state for tourer to see because there will be no linguistic communication barriers for them every bit long as they can talk either one of them.

1.2.4 Technology

Malaysia has a really good national and international telephone lines. It is because Peninsular Malaysia are utilizing microwave wireless relay and it supply a good connectivity between metropoliss. It besides have two international Earth Stationss and besides two Intelsat which are located at Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Thus, tourers who are going to Malaysia will hold no connectivity job. By now, Malaysia has a sum of nine Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) .

Some of them are P1 WIMAX, Maxis Broadband, Streamyx, Jaring, Celcom Broadband and so on. On the other manus, Malaysia besides have a good scope of wireless and telecasting Stationss. It has 19 wireless Stationss that are owned by private sector while 34 Stationss are owned by authorities. Furthermore, Malaysia has 58 airdromes. 36 of them are on East Malaysia while the remainder, 22 are on Peninsular Malaysia. Hence, these engineerings that available in this state will decidedly do life easier for tourers.

1.2.5 Ecological

Malaya is full of biodiverse scope of vegetations and zoologies which can be found around the state. It is because the tropical rain forests comprises to about 70 % of Malaysia entire land country. Malaysia has been recorded that it has the universe ‘s 5th largest of Rhizophora mangle forest whereby the universe largest Rhizophora mangle wood country is in Sundarban, Bangladesh. Ever since Malaysia has been filled with a batch of natural resources and environment, the authorities has besides take portion in continuing the environment to forestall farther harm being caused to it.

The authorities has put a batch of attempt in continuing this environment by foremost presenting the Air Pollutant Index ( API ) . The API is an index of air quality and was developed based on scientific appraisal to bespeak in an easy understood mode ( Department of Environment, 2007 ) . Besides, the Department of Environment ( DOE ) besides conducted the National Ambient Noise Monitoring Programme to find the Malayan atmosphere position in twelvemonth 2006 ( Department of Environment, 2007 ) . For the river H2O quality control, the DOE has started to supervising the river since 1978 ( Department of Environment, 2007 ) .

2. Literature Reappraisal

2.1.1 Definitions of touristry

There is no individual definition of touristry to which everyone adheres. Many definitions have been used over the old ages, some of which are cosmopolitan and can be applied to any state of affairs, while others fulfill a specific intent ( Weaver and Lawton, 2010 ) .

But a more recent definition from WTO ( 1991 cited in Mason, 2003, p. 5 ) defined touristry as the activities of a individual going outside his or her usual environment for less than a specified period of clip whose chief intent of travel is other than for exercising of an activity remunerated from the topographic point visited.

However, none of these two definitions makes any connexion to the impacts of touristry whereby impacts are the cardinal to any treatment of the planning and direction of touristry ( Mason 2003, p. 5 ) . But Jafari ( 1981, p. 3 cited in Mason, 2003, p.5 ) stated that touristry is a survey of adult male ( sic ) off from his usual home ground, of the industry which responds to his demands and the impacts that both he and the industry have for the socio-cultural, economic and physical environments.

2.2 Tourism Planning Approaches

2.2.1 Boosterism

Boosterism has long existed of all time since touristry started. Boosterism can besides be defined as the act of hiking a travel finish or a metropolis which are done normally by the people in the country affected. Hall ( 2000 ) remark that boosterism has long been the dominant tradition towards touristry since mass touristry began. Hence, kinds of effectual method are being exploited in order to hike a topographic point. A topographic point which is full of resources such as cultural and natural can be taken as an illustration. Malaysia is a good set of illustration for cultural and nature touristry with its bing rich resources.

Although boosterism has been active for a long period but it was merely discovered by people when large event such as Commonwealth games and Formula 1a„? rushing event are being held in different states ( Hall, 2000 ) . The alterations in tourer reaching and room supply by hotel can be noticed easy when these immense event are being held.

It can be seen that Malaysia has been seeking difficult to advance the state by utilizing different type of publicity to pull different type of tourer. For illustration, there is one event called Malaysia Year End Sale ( YES ) that is ongoing from 20 November 2010 to 2 January 2011 ( Tourism Malaysia, 2010 ) . The event intent is to pull shopping tourer to Malaysia because at that clip, all shop around Malaysia will be holding alot of price reduction which can ne’er be seen during other period.

Another side of boosterism by Malaysia is publicizing. The Minister of Tourism Malaysia has launched an advertisement run called ZOOM! Malaysia for SMRT trains, coachs, and taxis in Singapore ( Tourism Malaysia, 2008 ) . This advertisement run specifically targets the public conveyance because it was popular among the locals and foreign tourers ( Tourism Malaysia, 2008 ) .

From another side we can besides see that Malaysia has successfully in advancing Malaysia in September 2006 whereby Tourism Malaysia has signed a ?2 million trade with Manchester United to advance Visit Malaysia Year 2007. This has besides straight make Tourism Malaysia as one of the official patrons of Manchester United Football Club ( MANUTD, 2010 ) .

2.2.2 Economic

When touristry emerged as a portion of economic sector in the decennaries undermentioned World War II, most research workers and authorities decision makers assumed its growing to be a positive and desirable procedure ( Lawton, 2010 ) . Ever since so, many states have used this as an chance to advance their state to other universe as a tourer attractive force. States with natural resources such as cultural and heritage country, historical topographic point that are left behind after the impact of war will be a great benefit to the peculiar state in advancing touristry. Actually what can tourism contributes to a state ‘s economic position? The part can normally be measured at either a national degree or at the local or regional graduated table. The impacts of touristry to economic system are as follow:

foreign exchange net incomes ;

authorities grosss ;

coevals of employment ;

regional development.

One of the chief features of the economic attack is the usage of selling and publicity to pull the type of visitant who will supply the greatest economic benefit to the finish given the finish ‘s specific tourer resources ( Hall, 2000 ) . For illustration, the Malaysia Year End Sale publicity that will be establishing shortly. Although the publicity will be all around Malaysia but it will be more focal point on Kuala Lumpur, the capital metropolis of Malaysia because tourer will usually more focal point in capital metropolis. With the plentifulness of resources available in capital metropolis such as high-end shopping promenades, the publicity can be executed cleanly with its purpose achieved.

2.2.3 Physical/Spatial

In the last decennary of the 20th century, it was noted that touristry depends finally upon the environment, as it is a major touristry attractive force itself, or is the context in which touristry activity takes topographic point ( Holden, 2000 ) . However, Lawton and Weaver ( 2010 ) argued that jobs can happen if a finish becomes excessively dependent on touristry, or if the sector is controlled ( or is perceived to be controlled ) by outside involvements. It is so a fact that touristry can do both unseeable and seeable impacts to the environment. Therefore in order to understate the impact that touristry can caused to the environment, Hall ( 2000 ) suggests that visitant directors should seek to pull strings travel forms by concentrating or scattering tourers in sensitive countries. For illustration, many national park limits a certain figure of visitants per twenty-four hours to guarantee minimum impact that can be caused to the country.

Malaysia is so a most fortunate state that are blessed with a broad scope of natural and cultural assets. Since it is blessed with so many assets, people who lived in the state each has their ain duties to take attention of the environment. Therefore, the Malaysia authorities has come up with a run called “ 1MALAYSIA GREEN TOURISM, 1MALAYSIA CLEAN ” . The ground for establishing this event was to construct up the passion of people in maintaining clean the environment, particularly tourist attractive force finishs. This run was besides based on the tagline “ Think Tourism. Act Tourism ” by Minister of Tourism, YB Dato ‘ Sri Dr, Ng Yen Yen ( 1Malaysia Green & A ; Clean ) .

2.2.4 Community

2.2.5 Sustainable

2.3 The Butler ‘s theory


Number of tourers






( Rejuvenation )

( Continued stagnancy )

( Decline )

Critical carrying capacity threshold

Beginning: Adapted from Butler 1980.

2.3.1 Exploration

An account from oxford dictionary described geographic expedition as the action of seeking an country for natural resources. This can besides be explained as a tourer tried to research a finish ( tourist finish ) for leisure or relaxation. Harmonizing to Butler, the geographic expedition phase is characterised by really little Numberss of visitants who are dispersed throughout the destnation and remain for an drawn-out period of clip ( Lawton and Weaver, 2010 ) .

In brief, geographic expedition can besides be described as the ‘pre-tourism ‘ or the starting of a tourer attractive force finish where non many people are at that place yet and most of the people does non cognize about it. Visitors that went to the topographic point will see the most rural sort of services whereby betterment have non been done yet. Most of the geographic expedition normally started from urban country. Malaysia first geographic expedition started in the thirteenth century when Malacca was founded by a Sumatran prince. The topographic point subsequently became the most influential port metropolis in the Southeast Asia during that clip. That is the topographic point where bargainers from all portion of the universe gathered and that was the clip Malaysia was exposed to other states ‘ visitants. But after Malaysia being exposed, a batch of states tried to suppress Malaysia due to its rich resources. After 138 old ages, Malaysia eventually gained its independency in 1957and since so Malaysia has undergone a enormous growing and prosperity since 1957.

2.3.2 Engagement

The engagement in here means that the engagement parties which may include visitants, authorities, or enterprisers. Local enterprisers will get down to supply a limited sum of specialized services and installations in response to the visual aspect of tourers, thereby kick offing an inchoate touristry industry ( Lawton and Weaver, 2010 ) . Specialised services such as little eating topographic points, hostel, and possibly little transit services might besides be available. With these services, visitants might besides be increasing but in a slow stage because things are still undeveloped.

The function of advertisement will besides started in this stage as it will bring on a definable form of seasonal fluctuation. The topographic point will started to acquire mentioned in articles and booklets but the affected portion are still considered a little country. Viva-voce start to distribute in a slow mode.

2.3.3 Development

2.3.4 Consolidation

2.3.5 Stagnation

2.3.6 Rejuvenation or Decline



3. Methodology

The method that was used in finishing this assignment includes web browse. Several web hunt engine are being used often are Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia. These web hunt engine are merely being used as a span to the information that we needed. Besides, authorities web site are besides being used often to get of import facts and figures about the state. Website such as Malaysia Tourism Board, Department of Statistics Malaysia, and Malaysia Government Portal are where some of the facts and figures being collected.

Other than web sites, the information was besides collected from books that are available day-to-day in our institute. Several books have been lent in order to finish this assignment. Books such as Tourism Management, Tourism Planning: Policies, Procedures and Relationships, and Tourism Impacts: Planning and Management are noticeable throughout the assignment as commendations are largely quoted from these books. E-journal has besides contributed rather some figure in this assignment whereby most of them are get through the institute research databases which are the MDIS EBSCOhost research databases.

4. Analysis and Discussions

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