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Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform

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    The purpose of this brief is to inform Marines on the Marine corps order for uniforms, appearance, and wear. Upon completion of this brief I am confident that you will have the knowledge and skills to properly wear the approved Marine Corps MCCUU uniform or “cammies” as commonly known.

    MCO P1020.34G is the Marine Corps order on uniforms and appearance. Its purpose is to ensure Marines present the best possible image at all times and continue to lead the way in military presence. This brief will focus mainly on the common uniforms worn by marines in day to day activities, and the correct way they are to be procured, altered and worn.

    This uniform is the most commonly worn uniform worn by enlisted Marines. It is issued in two colors, green, or “woodland” and tan or “Desert”. The uniforms are worn in conjunction with daylight savings time (DST) During the spring and summer months, the tan or “Desert” uniform will be worn, and during the winter months the green or “woodland” pattern will be worn. The uniform consists of a blouse, trousers, cover and boots in serviceable condition. Serviceable condition is considered to be free of stains, rips or tears, and not severely faded. Any uniform item that is not within regulations is to be removed from the marines wardrobe and replaced.

    The blouse will have nametapes with “US MARINES” over the left breast pocket and the service members last name over the right breast pocket. Sleeves are to be worn down and buttoned, and all buttons on pockets will be properly fastened. The trousers will have the service members last name over the right rear pocket. ANY uniform item that does not have these markings will be considered not serviceable and may not be worn. The marines will have serviceable boots which are free of holes, tears, stitching separations or excessive fading. Marines may wear the temperate combat boots or Infantry combat boots (ICB) or the hot weather combat boots or “jungle boots” with the MCCUU uniform. Any marine in a “Mechanic” MOS will wear the proper safety steel toed boots while performing their duties in their work centers.

    All trousers are to be bloused above the boots and tan, green or black socks are to be worn. White or “eccentric” colored socks are not to be worn with the MCCUU uniforms. The trousers are to have a MCMAP belt worn at all times, and will match the level of MCMAP training the marine has completed. Wearing a belt higher in grade than the marine has attained is not authorized.

    All marines will have a cover to match the mccuu uniforms and will wear it at all times in accordance with MCO P1020.34G, which states:

    When outdoors, Marines should remain covered, including during invocations and other religious portions of military ceremonies (i.e., changes of command, ship commissioning, military burials, etc.). Marines will uncover outdoors when so ordered or during religious services not associated with a military ceremony. Chaplains will be guided by the customs of their respective churches with respect to wearing head coverings.

    Headgear is normally removed indoors. Marines in a duty status and wearing side-arms or a pistol belt will remain covered indoors except when entering a space where a meal is in progress or religious services are being conducted. Headgear will be worn in Government vehicles, except when doing so would present a hazard to safe driving. Wear of headgear in privately owned vehicles is not required.

    What this means is that all marines will wear the cover that goes with the uniform they are wearing at all times, including religious ceremony, and will only remove their cover when instructed to during the religious service. The uniform is never to be worn without the correct cover, as doing so would be considered out of uniform and disrespectful to the Marine corps Uniforms. This includes walking to and from your work centers, POV, Chow halls, 7 day convenience stores, etc. regardless of the distance. This also means that all covers are to be removed when entering a building unless armed and on duty.

    Rank, insignias and emblems
    Marines must wear their rank on the collar of the mccuu uniform at all times, on the collar vertical, with the pointed tip up. Center them horizontally (as if a vertical line bisected the collar). The bottom edge of the insignia (no matter what rank) will be 1/2 inch from the side of the collar on both sides. Rank insignia should always have a good appearance free of rust, chips, scratches, or tarnishing.

    A Marine qualified or designated as a naval aviator, naval flight officer, Marine aerial navigator, naval aviation observer, naval or combat aircrew member, parachutist, explosive ordnance disposal technician, or diver, will wear such badge on the MCCUU uniform centered over the pocket on a horizontal (parallel to the ground) line even with the highest point of the service tape. Either subdued or shiny breast insignia may be worn in the field at the commander’s discretion. ANY other emblems or insignia are not authorized for wear with the MCCUU uniform at any time.

    All marine uniforms are to be procured from authorized retailers such as the MCX, NEX, or other such “exchange” retailers. These retailers have gotten the items from the Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia (DSCP) so they are correct and meet the regulations set forth by MCO P1020.34G. Procuring items from vendors that have not gone through this supply chain is not authorized. Marines who have had their first issue of uniforms from either MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego can utilize form NAVMC 604 Rev.08-09 for clothing items that have become unserviceable due to changes in body composition or for rips and tears occurred during training. This form will provide the service member with the opportunity to change out uniforms free of cost, after form has been routed through chain of command (COC)

    Altering uniforms is authorized, however can only be altered for proper fitment and alterations will not change the intended appearance or function of the garment as designed. Wearing improperly altered uniform clothing is prohibited. Altering the MCCUU uniform to be form fitting is not authorized, as MCO P1020.34G states the field uniform is to be loose fitting and comfortable.

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