Marketing Case Analysis: Curtis Automotive Hoist Sample

Basic Problem: CAH’s basic job lies in finding whether the company shoud expand or increase its growing chances. and CAH must make up one’s mind on whether it should make so in the United States by spread outing its bing operations and sites. or whether CAH should research chances in Europe and entry options available to the house in Europe.

Basic Decision Options:

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*CAH had the option wholly of give uping enlargement undertakings abroad in Europe and increasing their bing gross revenues in the United States. Both Mr. Curtis and Mr. Gagnon felt that the U. S. market had unrealized possible with a population of 248 million people and over 140 million registered vehicles.

* Entering European markets utilizing the undermentioned entry options:

– Licensing the lift for gross revenues with other car part’s makers that would let CAH’s merchandises to complement other manufacturer’s bing merchandise gross revenues.

– Joint Venture that would give Mr. Gagnon and Mr. Curtis a 50-50 equal stakeholder place in Europe and an equal portion in the company’s investing and net incomes.

– Direct investing where CAH would set up a fabrication installation and put up a direction group to market the lift.

Analysis of each of the options:

*Within in the United States competition was intense with a sum of 16 companies viing in the automotive lift market in North America. The industry was dominated by two big U. S. houses. AHV Lifts and Berne Manufacturing who together held about 60 % of the market.

* Licensing option: While the licensing option would let CAH to sell its bing merchandises in Europe through an established and renowned trader: Bar Maisse. CAH’s repute and trade name image would be at interest. since Bar Maisse’s was non good known across the transatlantic in the U. S. Furthermore. Bar Maisse was prepared to pay a royalty rate of merely 5 % of gross gross revenues. which in my sentiment is a nominal part that would non compare to high net incomes.

*A joint venture had many “profitable” qualities. such as. leting CAH to bask a higher/greater rate of return. heightened place with regard to determination devising. and more control over the selling and distribution webs of the CAH that could in turn allow CAH to spread out its market portion in Europe in the hereafter and generate higher grosss and maximise net incomes. Furthermore. a joint venture could besides assist extenuate possible hazards. chiefly market hazard. and returns over the two companies. However. the success of a joint venture depend on the extent to which implicit in premises are taken into consideration. such as. CAH’s ability to construe European markets and increase market portion consequently. Similarly. hapless determination devising could adversely impact CAH.

* The chief advantage of a direct investing is that such an investing would let the house to keep full control over its operations. gross revenues and net incomes. However. the chief restriction of such an entry option ballad in the immense one-time. start-up costs ( $ 450. 000 for capital equipment and incremental costs ) . and extra carrying costs of $ 1. 000. 000 and one-year care costs of $ 80. 000.

Each of the options above has its ain set of advantages and restrictions. and while the first two entry options in Europe could let CAH to use Bar Maisse’s strengths as a market leader and expertness. the ability to maximise net incomes by profiting from synergism costs had to besides be taken into consideration. Furthermore. a joint venture or a licensing option besides posed other concerns. such as. net incomes prognosis and ability to bring forth sufficient net incomes. While the 3rd option ( direct investing option ) could turn out to be expensive in the short term. in the long term it could turn out to be fruitful as CAH expands its operations and enjoys full control over ownership. determination devising and net incomes.

Besides. the information available relates to past gross revenues informations and such informations can non be used to calculate future gross revenues. With the handiness of more quantitative information. such as. future free hard currency flow informations for each of the entry and investing options available to CAH. this could in turn allow CAH to utilize discounted hard currency flow ( DCF ) analysis for each of the investing options. every bit good as. net present value ( NPV ) analysis for the 2nd investing option.

Recommendation and Execution:

I strongly feel that CAH should weigh each of the entry options in Europe utilizing fiscal informations. such as. informations on future free hard currency flow. to cipher DCF and NPV. I besides feel that CAH should calculate its future gross revenues gross power in the United States and its ability to make so. While my analysis weighed each of the options chiefly utilizing qualitative informations. quantitative informations ( calculate informations ) would. in my sentiment. let CAH to do more informed determinations on whether it should spread out bing gross revenues in the United States or work market chances in Europe.

However. based on the implicit in premises and restrictions taken into consideration above. if CAH decides to come in Europe. I feel that a joint venture attack would be the most appropriate. since such an entry method would let both CAH and Bar Maisse to use their market and merchandise cognition and strengths. and would besides let both houses to distribute the hazard every bit between each other. every bit good as. possible net incomes and wagess. Furthermore. if such an entry option proves successful and market chances in Europe can be exploited. so this would in bend allow CAH to spread out operations on a larger graduated table than bing operations through their joint ventures would let for.

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