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The Reason Why CRM Can Be Used in the Automotive Industry Together

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  • Pages 7
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    The reason why CRM can be used in the automotive industry together is three reasons for this – the demand for automotive business, automotive market, and now re-division of the rapid development of science and technology. From the customer demand, customer than before and the purchase of products using a more reasonable number.

    Customers have been satisfied just to buy products, but more concerned about is whether they can get better service, and that such services should be personalized.From a technical development, the science and technology advances, auto business and customer communication channels between the growing increasingly diverse, with call center, phone, mobile phones, PDAs, e-mail, Internet, websites, and talk face to face and so on. Technology development for the CRM functions of time and the expansion means a lot. A goal of the automotive industry CRM system CRM to manage customer tracking, and promote exchanges between enterprises and customers to coordinate customer service resources to clients the most timely response.

    In addition, with the development of computers and communications, we can use the advanced technology and process information in a new generation of smart phones call center technology has already matured, so can play better integrate the functions of computers and communications, effective delivery of customer service . CRM implementation in the automotive business of marketing, sales, service and technical support and customer-related departments, the implementation of the objectives embodied in the following areas: 1. 1 By providing fast service to help auto companies to attract more customers.Use of CRM systems, companies can contact with the client about their name, age, family status, income level, address, personal preferences and purchasing habits and other information, and on this basis, matched to their personalized service, Let them feel at home, get the respect they want.

    By collecting, tracking and analysis of information for each customer, a customer needs to know what their customized products, and the customers want products and services reach them. 1. 2 through business process management to reduce the cost of car companies.CRM customer information through the management and discovery will help existing sales, but also provides information on the history of the problem and predict the future, can implement the interaction between business and customers.

    1. 3 through modern means of communication to reach customer service automation. Phone call can provide fault reporting, business acceptance, customer complaints and other services fully automated. Users only need to dial a single phone number can be direct service, change the number of phone calls before the problem is still unresolved situation.

    Xinhua Liu almost every event from the call center will be declared, acceptance, distribution, handling every aspect of pre-choreographed fully enter the computer program, and through computer tracking and control. To do so, on the one hand to avoid human factors, improved service quality; the other hand clear of each relevant department and each employee’s responsibilities, will work into a unified management. Each call center telephone users can also record in detail the method of recording in the system, be well documented, clearly define the responsibilities. 2 CRM implementation in the automotive industry requirements 2.

    carmakers level of information.While CRM as a marketing system can run separately, no matter their level of informatization, its lower costs, increased efficiency can be achieved, but once the role of CRM related to the strategic level, need to conduct in-depth analysis of all data, and the need for timely feedback to the vehicle design, manufacturing process and other aspects, but also the management of manufacturing enterprises at any time to achieve control, then the level of information in the enterprise itself must be applied with the CRM system, the level of fit. . 2 car manufacturers business process reengineering.

    CRM is not only the system, it is a customer-centric business philosophy of embodiment. Enterprise business model from the original point of view, most of them do not affect each individual sector, this well-organized on the surface cover can not be shared among various departments and relevant business information, customer status, they will easily spent dealing with customer issues too long and inefficient.Therefore the implementation of CRM is also a manufacturer business process reengineering process must be changing ideas to quickly deal with customer needs rather than departmental business content targeted to business process redesign, and the new CRM information systems to the child’s cooperation. 2.

    3 ensure that the source and accuracy of customer information. The effective operation of CRM is based on the collation and analysis of customer data based on the vehicle manufacturers to pass as many ways to collect customer information, and continuously updated by the data, database consolidation, eliminate duplicate data, etc. nsure that each user information is correct. In a sense, the accuracy of this initial work with the CRM project’s success, a great relationship.

    3 how to use CRM for the automotive industry business process reengineering 3. 1 access to car manufacturers in the recognition of all members. Implementation of the CRM needs of automotive professionals in all aspects of corporate involvement. As the CRM in the automotive manufacturing lots of different ways, so are car sales, marketing, customer support, finance, automobile, automotive products, freight and other related departments of the support is important.

    With the participation of members of relevant departments, enterprises in the implementation of CRM can be well before the resource support, and promoting better collaboration between departments, full use of all available resources, duplication of efforts. It simply is, to each stage of the information to the departments concerned to emphasize the benefits of CRM, you can very well reduce the resistance from various aspects, the chance of success of the project will greatly improve . 3. 2 The establishment of CRM implementation team.

    The project was a car manufacturer’s approval of relevant departments, the selection should start the implementation of CRM projects team. The core project implementation team is responsible for making important policy decisions and recommendations, and details of CRM implementation and benefits of all persons introduced to the enterprise. CRM project team should include representatives from sales and marketing, information department, finance departments of some personnel. Team members on behalf of different departments within an enterprise’s specific needs on the CRM, CRM implementation will take full account of these requirements.

    Alternatively, you can search CRM experts from outside to join, they generally are a professional consulting firm of CRM consultancy. Experienced consultants to implement the CRM implementation process before and provide valuable recommendations to help companies analyze the real business needs and the establishment of project working group, and with the project team together to inspect, modify and determine the details of CRM implementation plan to help companies reduce project implementation and cost Satoshi Table Tennis. . 3 determine the business needs of an important condition.

    Project team members should be had to the family of sales, marketing and customer service these sectors to understand and engage in serious study, and enable them to what is reasonable CRM system to find answers on this issue. Also, within each sector identified the main objectives of CRM, and then further explain to them how it will affect the whole enterprise CRM and related departments.Objectives identified in the planning process that allows external CRM advisers. Standing position to a third party external consultants involved in the investigation and help to conduct needs analysis to help companies determine the best goal of CRM implementation and CRM solutions to provide needed technical support.

    Made according to business needs survey will be the last to ensure better development of the implementation of enterprise CRM projects.3. 4 The development of CRM implementation plans. The plan should include the CRM vision into reality required a specific procedure, and also to note that the CRM software choices.

    CRM software selection should take into account the technical basis and practical business needs. Also need to be able to provide the following main functions: customer contact, customer management, sales management, remote marketing, customer service management, marketing management. Of course, these functions mentioned above do not include the CRM software can make all the work for the company.First of all, to try to achieve the enterprise CRM project team has identified the goal, then go examine the current or future benefit of other factors the enterprise.

    Technology must also pay attention to technology’s flexibility. There is no demand for the two companies are identical, so there is no solution for all companies. Select All technologies must be open and can be customized with the company while the existing IT base is appropriate. 3.

    5 CRM systems implementation of automobile manufacturing enterprises and installation.In the development of a training program after the implementation needs to find a reliable supplier of CRM systems. CRM vendor is best to plan the complex has been entrusted to a wealth of industry experience, CRM business consulting services to help choose a reliable and strong technical support capabilities, to facilitate communication, and for your positive response to the needs and requirements of suppliers . CRM system implementation and installation in the implementation of CRM system is also very important.

    CRM CRM strategy and implementation of successful determination of a great relationship. 3. 6 CRM system of sustainable management. CRM system infrastructure must be able to provide performance measures.

    To ensure that the benefits of the system in it extended to all users must be tested before. If it can not let you satisfied with the performance, then it should be modified in time, until satisfied. CRM system also should be to monitor the project steering committee and working groups to provide final feedback.This enables people to better understand what works, what does not, there exists what can improve the effectiveness of technology investment opportunities.

    Customer relationship management is a complex project. Planning a successful customer relationship management program, must pay attention to the CRM project planning, implementation and management of all stages. Fully at each stage of the CRM project into question and resources when needed, car companies will soon feel the CRM success of the benefits arising. Customer relationship management is a simple and complex things.

    Planning a successful CRM programs must pay attention to the entire project plan, implementation and management of all stages and fully at every stage of the CRM projects and resources to devote the necessary time. In short, in the current automotive manufacturing process of enterprise information, no matter from what angle, customer relationship management systems are automotive manufacturing enterprises is an integral part. Water can carry boon, only with the client to establish a good, lasting relationships to enable enterprises to compete in a dominant position

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