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Marketing Of Ag Products Research Paper

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Selling Of Ag Products Essay, Research Paper

After being left with 2 million dollars from my long lost great aunt, I was provided with the capital necessary to get down to develop and market my ain merchandise. Having been raised on a little dairy farm in western New York, the lone logical merchandise to me was one holding to make with the dairy industry. In an effort to do my merchandise unique, I have decided to aim the organic nutrients market. Producing organic threading cheese seemed to be my best solution.

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Marketing Of Ag Products Research Paper
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Organic threading cheese is a good merchandise because first of all, it is a differentiated merchandise. By this I mean that it is different because it is organic. Organic nutrients are more popular today so of all time, as people are seeking a healthier agencies of life. Organic farms constitute for merely 0.2 % of US farms, with there being merely 4,050 of their sort in the US. Second, the cheese has a broad consumer market.

Of the 248,709,873 people that live in the United States, approximately 1/8 nare consumers of some kind of organic nutrient. Stringing cheese is alone as it is an attractive merchandise to many different ages, genders, incomes, faiths, and societal categories. Stringing cheese is enjoyed by people of all ages, though I am traveling to aim the younger coevalss, ages 5-17 old ages. This little age group counts for 45,249,989 Americans, a plentifulness large mark market. The cheese is besides being marketed towards both genders, it is non a gender-biased merchandise, nor is it aimed for any specific instruction degree. Race wise, the merchandise is designed for typical Americans, instead than for a foreign market, though it is aimed towards Catholics, Christians, and Jews. It is targeted toward an income of and besides toward the in-between category to upper category.

This cheese is made to be eaten on the spell, which makes it appropriate for the busy metropolis parts of the state. Stringing Cheese besides has the advantage that it is fun to eat, and as an added benefit it is healthy excessively. This is of import as most nutrient picks are made for immature people by their parents. Food must be attractive to both grownup and kid. This nutrient can merely as easy be seen as an after school bite and lunchbox nutrient to a bite for a college pupil or grownup. It is portable, though as a downside it is besides p

erishable. Bing portable, it can be taken anyplace, and as a greater advantage it is besides a really mess free nutrient. The nutrient is aimed toward the center to upper category income ranges because of its cost. Organic nutrients usually cost 3-4 times more than non-organic nutrients. The people that usually would be interested in this type of nutrient are people who are wellness witting, active people that have busy life styles.

I have decided to call my organic twine cheese after my place farm, Conrow Farms. For packaging, I decided that the traditional plastic packaging was ideal. For the label, I am utilizing a picturesque scene of barns, green grass, and cattles croping. I feel that this labeling suggests a high quality merchandise from a little well-maintained dairy, which is a perfect image for an organic merchandise. A familiar label promotes trade name trueness, as it is easy distinguished by consumers from other merchandises. A seal on the label that states that the merchandise is organic is another cardinal factor of the merchandise, as is a little informational paragraph on the benefits of organic nutrients that is on the side. The current monetary value of organic nutrients is high, as supply is low and demand is high, but in clip the monetary values should be more sensible, and as the monetary value goes down, the volume of use will besides lift.

Competitor-wise, there isn T much competition. Most organic dairies produce a assortment of different merchandises, while mine specializes in merely the twine cheese. The organic market is merely merely get downing to go popular, so the specialisation in merely one merchandise is still possible. I have farther programs to bring forth several more sorts of cheeses over the following few old ages. Right now my biggest rivals are the larger farms that produce more than one merchandise, and besides produce more of my merchandise, because they can make it cheaper than me. Another rival that I have is the non-organic nutrient market. They are rivals because no affair how inexpensive I can seek and bring forth my organic nutrient, they can make it cheaper, and most consumers want to purchase the cheaper merchandise.

Consumers want a cheaper, better, safer, and more convenient merchandise. Marketing my merchandise of organic threading cheese is the perfect merchandise in which to suit the consumer s demands.


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