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Marketing Products In India Research Paper

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Selling Merchandises In India Essay, Research Paper

1 ) Market pick and hazards that are of most concern

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Marketing Products In India Research Paper
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The market that I feel is the best for Old Navy vesture at this clip is India. This is because I feel as though we should look for a long-run investing in the Asiatic market and this is a state with long-run ends. If we as a company are looking to set up ourselves as a market leader it is necessary to first construct a strong repute as a company that is willing to give in order to win.

Once we earn the reputability of this market it would be well easier to market our merchandise to non merely the Asiatic market but every bit good as the Middle East and the other environing markets. Bearing in head the fact that we could come in the Chinese market and try the same scheme but we must see the dedication long-run growing and political stableness. The hazards that we as a company will perchance meet are the demands of a trade-related rational belongings rights understanding this is of import because we do non desire any other companies conflicting on merchandise designs which are truly ours.

This is a major hazard nevertheless we feel every bit though as a big company it is nil that we can non manage. It will be an even better chance for us if we can go known as a company that was willing to help in the affair and gain the reputability of the authorities every bit good as the people.

2 ) Entry scheme and why

The entry scheme in which we will implement will hold to a joint venture. The ground behind this scheme is because we have sat back and watch other companies attempt to set up themselves in similar markets and stop abashing themselves every bit good as destroying their reputes. We are non willing to put on the line any sort of miscommunication with the people of this state or the possibility of non wining in such a enormous market. So the company in which we will take will hold to be established every bit good as have a repute as a market leader. And because of the response in which we have found from the authorities in India we do non see a job with them assisting us find a corporation with such high a criterions in which we hold. Bing the legal issues which are involved with this venture it is really good to us that the linguistic communication India is English and we do non hold to cover with some of the big leagues issues that are involved in some states. In add-on to the old advantages we feel as though an already established corporation can assist us larn and implement our ain distribution channels every bit good as our selling run. It is through this venture that we will be able to implement our true scheme, which is entry into the complete Asiatic market.

3 ) Merchandise line we will present

Due to the clime of India the merchandise lines in which we as a company can bring forth experience that we can run into the demands of all the people whether that be in the cragged North or in the warmer clime of the South. Because we have a cosmopolitan merchandise line that can run into the demands of all climes in this state. The lone thing we feel as though we as a corporation have to make is do certain that the people desire a brace of trunkss and a golf shirt or a brace of flannel lined bloomerss and a nice warm coat that can maintain the cold out. Because of what we have seen from the market in which we are aiming, which is upper to middle category and we feel the merchandises will really nicely run into non merely the desire but the demand and the privation as good.

4 ) Merchandise version / standardisation

As we discussed in our old section we feel as though or company and our merchandise line meet the demand of all the people of India, so we are traveling to travel with standardisation when it comes down to how our merchandise fits into the market topographic point. It has come to our attending that the people of India have a captivation with the frock and life style of western states such as the United States. So with this in

head why non convey this manner to them. Certain there are demands for version in some of the designs of our vesture such as colour and possibly even some of the stuff in which we use, but all in all the overall merchandise itself we feel will non hold to do any drastic alterations.

5 ) Target market

The markets in which we are looking to aim are upper households and in-between category persons. We feel as though if we can aim the upper category households who can purchase our merchandise lines for their kids and themselves we will be able to set up ourselves non merely now but besides in the hereafter. The in-between category in which we are looking to aim are ages 21-30, which are educated and late come ining into the on the job universe. We will see these persons the shortly to be affluent and the consequences will hopefully dribble down from coevals to coevals. These two markets we feel will be the easiest to make every bit good as the most profitable to us in the hereafter which is our chief aim in this market.

6 ) Distribution scheme

The distribution scheme has a batch to make with why we as a company chose India as our market of entry, we saw that the already have a developed railroad and main road system so we can travel our merchandise from a warehouse to a location without any major fusss. In sing the company in which we will organize a brotherhood with it is really of import that they have a system in which we can easy work with. As to locations in which our mark market can happen our merchandises we will set up shops in countries that are either in the major metropoliss such as Bombay and New Delhi and the environing countries and expand from the success that we will happen at that place.

7 ) Positioning version / standardisation

The placement of our merchandise will be the same as our merchandise place, which is standardisation ; once more we do non experience as though we have to alter much about our merchandise or the attack in which we come to market. In reexamining how we have positioned our merchandise in the United States, it is considered a merchandise of good quality that is targeted toward those that are fashionable every bit good as money witting. We have done this by aiming the young person of the center and upper category and we have the purpose to make the same exact scheme in this market. We have come to the decision that the immature and the affluent make the best marks because they are both position witting, so in positioning our merchandise we must convert them of the demand for our merchandise. We will make this through commercials on telecasting every bit good as on hoardings. One chief ground we feel that our mark market is such because a big portion of our run will be on telecasting. It will be through dance and exhilaration that we will demo our merchandise as a merriment and interesting thing to hold and have on around, either for frock or for insouciant. The point of positioning the merchandise in this mode is to aim those with the most expendable income, that either being the young person 16-25 or 45 and up. It is necessary to assail this market and fulfill their demand if we want to turn and develop into an internationally known trade name in this market.

8 ) The ground this international selling chance is interesting to me is because of the fact that it makes me believe of where this field will be in the hereafter and how I hope to play a function in a portion of it. I think it is interesting how different states have different sorts of civilizations and companies try to develop different selling schemes to come in into each of them. I think of the fact that there is a McDonalds in India and cattles are considered sacred by bulk of the population, now granted that is non cow they are eating but it is still intriguing how they accomplished this effort. Overall I merely think that there are merely more states in the universe and there are more markets to split and capture through different merchandises. The field as a whole I find interesting and the ways to travel about it are even more exciting.

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