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Maru : Quick Summary

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Mark has to literally create a new society and he hand-picks those that he deems to be worthy of Ewing citizens Of such a society and also those Who have characters that would make a good foundation for such a society. Those that thrive in the existing society – such as Mollie, Disliked – are left in the old society. He even connives to get Mollie and Disliked together because they are some of the best at what they do in that society.

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Maru : Quick Summary
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All the unsanitary characters such as all the women who were after Mar’s position, all the bigots who looked down upon Margaret, the nurses who refused to wash the body of the dead “Maseru” women – all of them are left behind in the old society, the missionary Margaret Academe eventually eaves; the goat and her kid leave the village of abuse and go and live with Margaret; the bus driver that transports Margaret into the prejudiced society places Margaret in the “good hands” tot mistress Disliked and then he leaves with the bus; Mark is the next in line to be king but he can’t rule such a society -? his dreams are bigger than their prejudices so he also leaves and he takes with him the few candidates that would be good seed for cultivating a new just society.

That is also why he is constantly plagued by the fact that he can never know if his decision to take Margaret away from Mollie was the right decision He can only et time tell which seeds will grow and which ones will not.

He loves Margaret but he is never sure if his love Vass the greater one -? the better one – the one that does not lead to the destruction of the one character that is untainted by the warped society. As sure as he is Of himself and his vision, he still cannot see the picture from the point of view of universe….. i. E. Why are there men like Mollie, Why are there men like Mark, Why do even the purest of women still get attracted to men like Mollie. Remember Margaret first encounter with Mollie is not exactly a rosy walk in the park… Why is there women who scheme for social position, why is it that men such as Mark have to trick women into marrying them. Why are people like Disliked quite happy to accept the way things are even though they see the prejudices as clearly as Mark, et cetera – hence his recurring nightmare.

When we are introduced to Mollie, it is clear that he thrives in that society, When we are introduced to Disliked, it is also clear that she embraces her positions in that society – and the only men that is good enough for her is Mollie. When we are introduced to Mark, he is not liked by his servants. Margaret has troubled introduction to the world. Mollie and Disliked belong and thrive in the current system. Mark and Margaret do not thrive in that system, So do Mark and Margaret stick around and accept the death plots and prejudice? So, like Mark as a character because in the end, he actually makes a stand against the whole village, he challenges Mollie to come after him if his love is really superior – alas, Mollie chooses the here and now. So, Mark is not by any means perfect but then again Mollie is not exactly a saint either.

Mark chooses the future without prejudice in a new society. Mollie chooses the current society with all its flaws. i think it is a misconception to think that Bessie head meant this to be a fairy tale. This Story is very close to reality. There are no happy solutions to fighting injustice, prejudice and other such vices. The overcoming of such only is attained by those Who are strong enough to make tough decisions even when those decisions are unpopular. Would Mollie really have left his womankind ways and settled for a woman who didn’t care about social ..

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