Heidi’s Dilemma by Mailie Elganbaihy: The Holocaust and Genocide

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Heidi believes that if her friend Greta was in danger during the Holocaust, she would hide her in her attic and then move her to her aunt’s house. She believes that it is important to help protect people from harm even if it goes against the government’s wishes. Heidi believes that the Holocaust definitely happened and thinks that people who deny it are ignorant. She thinks that there were many things that could have been done to prevent or stop the Holocaust, but the people in power failed to act. However, she also acknowledges that risking lives for money or anything else is not worth it and that she would risk her own life to protect others.

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Heidi’s Dilemma By: Mailie Elganbaihy pr. 6 If it were up to me, I would hide Greta. If she was my best friend than of course I would. I would go and hide her in the secret room in the attic. My parents knew what Hitler was doing is wrong. By helping protect Greta does not mean that they are revolting out against Hitler. They can hide her and tell anyone who ask that that is their niece. After a few days I would go and hide her in my aunt’s house. My aunt has no children so she could easily say that that was her daughter.

We could even teach her some things about our religion so that if she were ever questioned and asked if she was Jewish she could easily say no and be able to back herself up. If my parents had encouraged my friendship to Greta, my decision still would have been the same. I believe that the people who thought that the Holocaust never happened are full of a bunch of crap. There is so much evidence to prove that it happened. Thanks to the genius invention of cameras, we have visual proof that the Holocaust did in fact happen.

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There are the tattoos that are on the survivors arms, from how the Nazi’s kept track of their victims. Written documentation that would have been documented during the time that the Holocaust happened. If that is still not enough than they are the kind of people that cannot have their minds changed and you just leave them alone and let them go on with their day. There were so many things that could have been done to help prevent this or at least stop it sooner. Someone could have tried to sneak out people.

They could have notified another country to help them to let them know exactly what is going on. Another country could have gone in and tried to stop it. The people of Germany who were not Jewish and knew that it was wrong could have gone and tried to stop it. There is no way that countries did not know what was going on, especially the ones that are connected to Germany. They could have easily tried to sneak them out of the country. Maybe have some safe spots for people who escaped come over.

They could have united and taken over Hitler which would have either stopped the Holocaust from happening or at least decrease the number of causalities. The circumstances will have to be worth it. I would never risk their lives for money or anything of that nature. If I ever had to, I would talk to them and see what they come up with. I am not really sure. I live my family to much to put them in danger. I would be the person that would risk her life to protect her life. If I knew that the only thing to keep them alive was to give up my life I would easily do it without skipping a heartbeat.

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