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Current status Maybelline is one of the world’s leading cosmetic companies with branches in different countries, based in US, has launched a multilingual website to suit the needs of women from various parts of the countries History T. L. Williams founded The MAYBELLINE Company in 1915 and introduced MAYBELLINE Cake Mascara in 1917 as the first modern eye cosmetic to be produced for everyday use. The firm and brand name MAYBELLINE was adopted in honour of his oldest sister, Mabel, from whom he originally received the idea of producing an easy-to-use product to darken the eyelashes which could be sold commercially.

Cake mascara was originally advertised and sold exclusively by mail. It was received so well by the general public that women started asking for it in drug stores. The MAYBELLINE success story didn’t really start until mascara first appeared in the nation’s variety stores. In September 1932, a special 10-cent package of MAYBELLINE mascara was designed for sale in these stores. The subsequent success of this product has become legend. MAYBELLINE eyebrow pencils came along a few years later. Eyebrow pencils were the natural follow-up to the solid mascara as the company’s second eye cosmetic.

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Eye shadows of various shades were added in the 1920’s and have increased in popularity and general usage year after year. MAYBELLINE introduced Ultra Lash Mascara, a waterproof product, in the early 1960? s. A true breakthrough, Ultra Lash was the first mass market automatic mascara, which means the mascara is applied directly to the brush in the tube. Then in 1971, Great Lash, a water-based mascara, was introduced. With a truly legendary history, it is still the number-one best selling mascara in the marketplace. Today, a Great Lash mascara crosses a drugstore scanner every 1. 5 seconds.

Its winning formula is closely guarded. New entries to the MAYBELLINE line have consistently made headlines. In the 1970? s, MAYBELLINE successfully branched into other cosmetic categories – face, lip and nail. In 1983, Shine Free, an oil-control makeup line featuring non-comedogenic formulas, was introduced. Shine Free was one of the first lines designed expressly for women with oily skin and is still an important category for the company today. Skin looks fresh and natural all day while keeping oil under control. In 1991, another MAYBELLINE milestone – the “Maybe she’s born with it.

Maybe it’s MAYBELLINE” advertising tagline was created. BEIn February, 1996, MAYBELLINE was purchased by L’Oreal USA, Inc. and the company headquarters were subsequently moved to New York City. In addition to establishing MAYLLINE as a colour authority, creating technologically advanced products became a company priority. Since then, the innovation has been nonstop. One of MAYBELLINE’S biggest success stories is the introduction of the Express Finish Fast-Dry Nail Enamel in 1997. In 1998, technological advances continued with new products such as HydraTime Extended-Wear Moisturizing Lipcolor and True Illusion Makeup.

In 1999, the company expanded the Express product segment with the introduction of Express Makeup 3 in 1 and debuted the new Cool Effect Cooling Cream Shadow and Shadow/Liner and Pure Blush – two more cutting edge products. Today, MAYBELLINE products are carried in more than 70 countries worldwide. The MAYBELLINE message is all about colour, style and innovation. Through their parent company, L’Oreal USA, Inc. , MAYBELLINE has the top research and development teams and resources needed to create the newest, most innovative products available today http://www. zgirl. co. nz/buy/1193/ http://www. lorealusa. com/_en/_us/html/our-company/organization/david-greenberg. aspx? The Maybelline company had founded by T. L. Williams in 1915. His success began when his first mascara appeared in the nation’s variety stores. After this, successfully launched several products such as Maybelline eyebrow pencils, Ultra Lash Mascara, a waterproof product. Then in 1971, Great Lash, a water-based mascara, was introduced. It is still the number-one best selling mascara in the marketplace.

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