Me in 10 Years Essay

They say in one’s life we all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us - Me in 10 Years Essay introduction. You’re about to embark with me unto the long, curvy road of my life, and Watch upon it as it unfolds through my eyes. This is my life as I see it will be ten years from now. I have most of it planned out already. This is my story. Right now I am a junior in high school, barely contemplating about how my life will be like until now. I have a lot of friends that I would severely miss after we moved on, and met a new set of friends. I tried to keep as many as I could. Many of my friends were going into the armed forces.

And no matter how much my family disapproved, I was thoroughly thinking about it. But for the time being I was working as a mechanic for my father’s dairy. Personally I think I got too much slack when working there, but eventually I would learn to respect my job more. I’ve gotten a first car, I planned on graduating, and I also expected to go to college. So far my life looked as clear as a newly crafted window. 10 years had passed, and I graduated college. I got to prove my low expectant father wrong and it was the best feeling in the world. My mother was overjoyed because she had always expected much of me.

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She always was more than just a mom to me, she was a friend. As of now I am working as an engineer for dairymen and anyone who will hire me. I am a proficient welder which gives me, a very well deserved, high pay. At that time I met the girl of my dreams. She is beautiful, honest, and loving woman. Her personality is to die for however which is the best part. We became married eventually and had one child. Over the years I grew extremely well attached to my son. We are very good friends now, just like me and my mother. Eventually, however I would decide to go into the ilitary shortly after. People were asking me what branch I would go into, however, no one ever guessed right. I was an apache pilot. The apache was an angel of death, a hybrid combat helicopter, hovering over the battlefield. Having control of that much power is overwhelming to even think about now. But I did it, and eventually I would learn that I was being placed in the same battalion as one of my friends, who was on the ground. His name was Austin. He was kind of the tough guy out there on the ground, however, he was the commander of his squad which was a huge responsibility.

So we were kind of in the same position. We went through a lot together, however eventual we would reach that life or death moment, when we depended on each other for survival. I would be doing this for quite some time, but I expected to eventually come back. I would be back with my family and enjoying life. Hopefully my family will still own our dairy. I used to love fishing there and working the farm on weekends. Me and my friends would even have parties out there every once in a while. By this time I expect to see my friends still, and do the things we’ve always loved to do.

It’s pretty hilarious how our group works out. One of my friends is a good hearted person. He never partied, or drank, or got into that much trouble. And while I was in between, my other friend was the exact opposite of him. He got into trouble a lot and everything. It’s a pretty funny comparison but they are like brothers to me. And I expect it to stay that way. The good friend ended up being a successful game designer while the other became a tattoo artist. 6 months after he became one I got a tattoo from him. And will never regret it. Eventually I would buy a dog.

I’ve always loved dogs. They are like someone whose always with you, but only if you treat them like a little brother. Some things I would eventually grow out of, but there are other things that I will be doing until I drop and one of those things is playing guitar. I’ve always been a music person. And being able to play what was being portrayed in my mind added to the experience of being that kind of person. There’s a pretty big chunk of my life to chew on. Some of these things might not happen but I will keep to it. Because this is how I plan my life to be in the years to pass.

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