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Memo regarding Traffic Problems

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To: Ms. Suarez, CEO

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Memo regarding Traffic Problems
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From: (insert your name and designation)

Date: November 18, 2008

Subject: The recommendation of solution to the local traffic problems.

Ms. Suarez, honorably, our company is the largest private employer in the metropolitan. Recently there have been reports of increased traffic problems in the locality as our 43000 employees travel daily to and from their workplace. This has led to the increased traffic congestion during the rush hour. According to the duty assigned to me, in this memo, I have suggested some effective solutions to this traffic problem.

The solutions are recommended after analyzing the data about employees’ transportation habit, attitudes and needs. The data was collected in an employee survey and is presented below.

Chart showing employees’ use of car pool

Chart showing employees’ use of public transportation

From the above representation of data, it is clear that the main concern lie in the category of those employees who neither use car pool nor public transportation.

We can achieve great success in solving this problem if are able to motivate 64% of the employees to use car pooling and 41% random or non user of public transportation to use it regularly. Now look at the following charts.

Factors that will lead to increase preference for public transportation

Employees who can work through telecommunication

From the chart which shows factors that lead to increased use of public transportation, we can infer that three factors that are reduced commute times, low fares and safety are the most preferred ones. If we incorporate them into public transportation, we can induce large number of employees to use public transportation. For those who have decided never to use public transportation, we can encourage them to allow car pooling instead. However telecommuting is not an effective solution as it will be applicable to only 8% of the employees which is a very small number.

The features such as safety and lower fares can be implemented in public transportation by running company owned coaches and buses of higher quality and subsidizing the part of traveling expense of employees. For reducing commute times, company can have several buses for different routes. A more advanced option is to use routing system which gives information about traffic routes which are blocked or congested so that alternative route can be taken (Arnott, Rave & Schob, 2005). Further more car pooling can be enforced if we charge the car drivers if they have less that three people in their cars. We can monitor the cars with the camera system installed at different corners of the locality. The charge can be a good source of revenue and can be used to subsidize the public transportation (Downs, 2004).

Ms. Suarez, hope you find this memo comprehensive and useful. We are very concerned about the traffic problems faced by our employees and other people in the locality. Improving the traffic condition will have direct positive impact on our employees’ psychological and physical health which will result in increased productivity. We are eagerly awaiting the company’s policy regarding the effective solution to this problem.


Arnott, R. Rave, T. & Schob, R. (2005). Alleviating Urban Traffic Congestion. The MIT Press.

Downs, A. (2004). Still Stuck in Traffic: Coping with Peak-Hour Traffic Congestion. Brookings Institution Press.

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