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Shortage of Staff Memo

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Subject: Need for additional staff Unfortunately I must address the issue in staff shortage during the night shift. As a nurse manager on the night shift, I am concerned about the ineffectiveness of the staff due to the need for additional staffing. We currently have a total of 10 staff on the night shift, when in reality, we need about twice as many. In order to ensure great customer satisfaction and superior effectiveness at our workplace, I believe it is crucial that we address this issue and follow through with a solution, immediately.

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Shortage of Staff Memo
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It is very difficult for staff to perform their duties to the best of their abilities because they are expected to complete various tasks in a short amount of time, which, as you can imagine, is not the best way to work. The stress this puts on the staff is in no way favorable to patients and the hospital overall. We have had several patients leave the hospital. Other angry patients and abrupt staff have made it evident that we have a severe shortage of staff.

The following is a list of additional problems I have noticed with the shortage of staff on the night shift. * Increase in delayed procedures * Upset patients Stressed staff/Bad mood * Constant errors due to stress of work overload * Unsatisfied customers I have received many complaints not only from patients but from discouraged employees in this department. Through past experience I have found that with higher volume of staff during night shifts, it helps with productivity, customer satisfaction and efficiency. I suggest you bring in more staff at this time to help run the department more smoothly, perhaps contact human resources and hire temporary workers. Hopefully, you take this into consideration so this matter can be solved. I look forward to hearing from you.

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