Active Listening Memo Essay

Hello all! I have recently attended a managers training confrence that has taught me a multitude of skills that I think will be very valuable to our working enviroment. On a monthly basis we will have different areas of focus that we will work on improving upon. The different skill building areas that we will focus on improving for that month will be sent out at the top of the month via memo.

The skill building focus for this month will be about communication.

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Active Listening Memo
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I started with communication being the focus for many reasons. In order for us to move as a successful unit we have to be able to communicate with each other in a positive and afficiant way. We will start are skill building activities by focusing on Active listening.

When most of us think about communication we think about speaking instead of focusing on being able to actively listen. Being able to listen to your coworkers or patients is a very important aspect of being in healthcare.

The most important part of being an active listener is to physically show intrest in the speaker and the topic that they are speaking about. When trying to be an active listener you have to make sure that you are facing the speaker, your posture is open, making eye contact, and that you are relaxed and attentive.

Being able to show the speaker that you are intrseted in what they are speaking about is a very importantant factor in communicating in the health industry.You want your patients and coworkers to always feel that not only are you listening to what they are telling you, but you actually care about what they are saying as well. Possesing great active listening skills will help you go a long way in your professional careers as well as life in general. Please review this memo and think of ways to help yourself becoma a better active listener.

Thank You!

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