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Managerial expectations through out the merger The recent announcement of the merger between our InterClean Company and the EnviroTech Company has created different questions and ideas about what the future holds for everyone. As a manager, your position is going to be increasingly more valuable in ensuring this merger is a success. As the first line level managers, you will be the example all employees look to for guidance and understanding throughout this process.

The overall goal is to ensure this merger is a success, therefore providing long term employment for everyone. Our CEO, David Spencer eloquently stated that while joining him to welcome the new company into our team, he expects “all management personnel to begin integration efforts immediately. ” Therefore, this memo will provide assistance and guidance to ensure every manager understands the true affect their behavior can have on the employees, and therefore the company.

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Several different areas will be discussed; however, the most important element in this entire process is the overall behavior of the managerial staff. As stated previously, all associates will look to their first line supervisors for guidance in this process. Information does trickle from the top down; however, the work is performed from the bottom up. If the employees do not perceive this merger as a safe and positive scenario, it could end up costing the company on several layers. According to Wayne F.

Cascio, the author of Managing Human Resources, “employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs and who are not committed strongly to their organizations will tend to be absent or late for work, to quit more often, and to place less emphasis on customer satisfaction. ” The cost involved in this scenario extends further then most realize. When an employee leaves a company, a financial burden is then created in the new costs of finding, hiring and training a new associate, along with the loss of revenue due to the down time from training the new employee.

As Cascio stated, “poor job attitudes therefore lead to lowered productivity and organizational performance. ” When employees perceive they are safe, they will work harder and become more productive for the company. Cascio also stated in his book there are 12 basic needs an associate looks for within their employment. Please reference Chapter of his book to ensure you are familiar with this specific information, and work to ensure as many of these needs listed are met. As a manager, it is your responsibility to work with each employee and ensure they are encouraged to perform to their best abilities.

This attitude must also be reflected in yourselves. We cannot expect others to simple ‘do as we say’; they will perform when lead by example. We are in the process of merging two companies with a similar product; however, they have two very diverse backgrounds, and processes. Ensuring a successful merger will depend on your ability to embrace, acknowledge, and utilize this diversity. Our team has experience working behind it, while the EnviroTech Company has education. Our team has been very focused on customer service, while it appears the new team had a focus on training.

Understanding these differences is the first step, but embracing qualities from both aspects will ensure we can become a successfully merged company. According to an article in the Journal of Organizational Change Management, “each individual brings to the employment context a unique combination of abilities, characteristics and qualities reflecting background, experiences, skills and so on. ” Therefore, your goal is to gather information on each employee, merge that information into a collective knowledge base, and utilize this data to create a unified work force.

Having each member understand and embrace the different items they can bring to the environment, will give them a sense of empowerment. Every empowered employee will be a productive one. Accepting there will be differences, learning what those differences are, and embracing the diversity, will assist you in creating a dynamic work force. Exemplifying good managerial attitude and knowing how to utilize the diversity will not ensure the success of this merger alone. It is also important to understand company rules and regulations you are expected to adhere to.

According to the law, every associate must be given the same and equal opportunities. Within this law, you may set up a seniority based system to make decisions on vacation requests, and internal systems. However, you will need to be sure this system does not function with any discriminatory actions. Seniority will need to be based on length of service, and cannot be determined by age, race, sex or any other physical attribute. Understanding and following all laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) are a standard process for all managers within this company.

It is up to you to set the tone of your department, and ensure all laws and regulations are strictly followed. In conclusion, understanding and enforcing laws, understanding diversity and incorporating it, and showing exemplary behavior will be important steps to ensure this merger is successful. Overall, your behavior in all aspects of the company will be the cornerstone of our productivity. When your employees see a positive role model, you will be sure to receive the same in return.

There will be stumbling blocks along the way, but it is how we learn from them that will ensure a better future for the company. Also, remember, all managers of this company are available if questions or issues should arise at any time. It is our combined efforts, experience, and knowledge that will assist us in this new endeavor.


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