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Methodology : Stress



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    Stress is a feeling that’s created when we react to particular events. It’s the body’s way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness. A Survey form is used to gather opinions or data’s for more information to be used for the study of the topic. The Survey form focuses on the causes and effects of Stress. There are also questions asking about stress being a good influence in people.

    In this chapter, it requires gathering relevant data from the specified population and compiling samples to analyze and arrive at a more complete understanding of the research study. Stratified random sampling is used in distributing the survey questionnaires and the sample will be taken from the high school body since the researcher is a high school student with 100 samples as the number of required respondents. In the whole high school body, it is divided into four year levels and in each year level it is divided into three sections.

    So to have an equal distribution, we divide the 100 samples to 4. This means each year level should have 25 samples each. Then since there are three sections in each year level, this also means that there should be 9 samples in one of the sections and eight samples from the other two sections. In Chapter 4, the results of the survey will be shown. The results will be shown using some kinds of graphs. Pie graphs will be used to interpret the results of the samples. The researcher finds that Pie graphs are more suitable for the research study.

    The researcher would also like to use Bar graphs for this case to have it done more easily. The researcher will tally the gathered results from each sample. After tallying the results, Pie graphs will be made based on the gathered results, in this case the readers will be able to understand the results of the samples. It was mentioned earlier that Stratified random sampling is used as the sampling technique. Through this sampling technique, it is getting samples that have different characteristics.

    This shows the similarities and differences of every person who have answered the survey form. From all the gathered data’s, the researcher found it that for some people they agree that stress is good for them, some think it’s not, and some think that it may be a good effect on people. This will be shown in the graphs used to know whether what people mostly think of stress and from all the gathered samples, how many of them have the most and the least similar opinions, which will make a success on the research study.

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