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Recognizing Stress and Disorder

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MHF Module: Recognizing Stress, Distress, and Disorder
Recognizing Stress, Distress, and Disorder Worksheet
Read the the following case studies and determine if they are a form of stress, distress, or disorder. In the spaces provided below, indicate which type of disorder is portrayed in each scenario. Justify each response in 100- 200 words.Case Study
Stress, Distress, or Disorder
John, a recent college graduate, has been struggeling to find a job for the last 6 months. He was fired from the job he had originally acquired immediately after college due to his inappropriate and negative interactions with his other coworkers.

His interviews have also been unsuccessful as he has been exhibiting strange social behavior.
John’s strange social behavior and being inappropriate with coworkers is a factor or sign of a disorder. He is also have problems in many areas of his life. John is in need of resources and support.
Paula has recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her husband has noticed she is having a hard time remembering where she put things and tends to forget what she was just planning on doing.

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Recognizing Stress and Disorder
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Paula and her husbands relationship has also been strained as they are both overwhelmed with having an infant in the house.
Stress is what Paula is feeling is typical when giving birth and having a newborn in the house. Stress is having a hard time doing something that is usually easy for them to do. She is having a hard time adapting to the new responsibility. In Paula’s situation, it would be forgetting where she puts things or what she was planning to do. She may need support before her stress becomes distress
Nancy, a formerly successful realtor, has recently quit her job and remains unemployed. She has been feeling down in the dumps and has not been looking for other employment. Nancy also has stopped hanging out with her friends and doing activities she normally enjoys.
What Nancy is going through is distress. Distress is more…

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