Modern Technology – Internet, Environment, Society

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In the modern era, technology plays a significant role in various aspects of our lives. It facilitates transportation through automobiles and airplanes, while email and mobile devices enhance communication. The media and the Internet enable us to stay updated with current information from across the globe. Additionally, technologically advanced movies captivate us with dazzling special effects. Moreover, air conditioners and room heaters ensure our comfort, regardless of adverse weather conditions. Undeniably, technology has profoundly transformed nearly every aspect of our existence, albeit with concerns regarding pollution and environmental issues.

Despite the general belief that technology has had significant advantages for us, it is crucial to further examine its impact on our society. It is evident that although modern technology has enhanced material wealth, it may not have necessarily contributed to happiness. This is primarily because it has resulted in a monotonous lifestyle for numerous individuals who spend their free time in front of computer screens, participating in gaming or browsing the internet. Consequently, their minds remain stagnant and unknowingly become dependent on modern technology.

Although modern technology has the potential to improve our lives, it also poses health risks and can contribute to stress. The field of communication technology has made impressive strides with the introduction of devices such as televisions, phones, computers, and the internet. These innovations allow us to maintain connections with individuals who are geographically far away. However, it is important to note that excessive use of phones may lead to discomfort or headaches caused by exposure to radiation. Similarly, extended periods of watching television can lead to eye-related issues.

The development of contemporary forms of transportation such as cars, motorcycles, and airplanes has enabled us to explore different parts of the world and experience diverse cultures. However, it is important to acknowledge that these modes of transportation often lead to accidents. Cambodia, for example, faces a significant number of traffic accidents that result in an average of 4.7 fatalities per day. This information is based on reports from the Cambodian government and Handicap International Belgium, an NGO located in Phnom Penh (2009).

Although tractors and copy machines have improved efficiency and sped up work, they can still lead to errors and damage tasks, requiring repairs that may cause unhappiness. Ultimately, while modern technology enhances living standards, it does not ensure happiness.

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