Role of Information Technology in Modern Society Essay

Information technology plays a major role in the modern education. Various ideas are given by these technologies. In this faster and modern world,Education is an unavoidable segment.

In olden days,Education was only the study in Hand books, but now ,it is more advanced and practical. Now days,computer plays a active part in the modern education. It is more useful for making many assignments and projects. Now a days,In ordinary schools also,the education is through a form named Smart class.

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Role of Information Technology in Modern Society
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It makes so attractive and good looking for the students whose are backward in their studies also.In my opinion,the education is not only a hand book information,but also it is a philosophy. Education is not only for achieving a proffesion,but also to become an good personality in the present society. Internet plays a active role in studies and expiriments.

But now it become an great danger to the day to day life of the human beings.

The huge interferene of IT products leds the students to terrorism. Some wrong informations led the new genetration I mean some of them to terrorism. They are offered a huge amount to them and their families ,thus becoming a evenge mode to the nation.

So due to these major problems,government is conducting the awareness programmes to the new generations. Through television,we can acquire knowledge about various aspects which is happening around our world. Intelligent or smart students in the IT fields,were given oppurtunities to the foreign countries. This is an great encouragement for the students for knowing more about the IT.

The new aspect of information technology is Online tution teaching. It plays a major role in the field of Education.Improvement of It makes a new way for the students for new inventions. In olden days this system was only in the foreign countries , but now it’s active on India.

Childrens are the asset of the nation-India. Various technologies such as Radio,Television etc gives out lot and lot of information about what’s happening in this faster and modern world. But the interference of IT makes a drawback of philosophical concept of human life. Thus I conclude that , if We use the IT in a proper way,we can say that information technology plays a major Role in the field of Education.

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