Modern Methods Of Performance Appraisal

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Management by Objectives ( MB0 )

It is a procedure where the employees and the higher-ups come together to place some ends which are common to them, the employees set their ain ends to be achieved, the benchmark is taken as the standards for mensurating their public presentations and their engagement is at that place in make up one’s minding the class of action to be followed. The most of import facet of MBO is mensurating the existent public presentations of the employee with the criterions set by them.

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It is besides said to be a procedure that integrates organisational aims into single aims. Entire plan me of MBO is divided in four major stairss i.e puting up of end, action planning, comparing and seasonably reappraisal. Puting up of goal-In end puting superior and low-level together set certain ends, i.e the expected result that each employee is supposed to accomplish. In action planning, the mode in which ends could be achieved is determined i.e. placing the activities which are necessary to execute ; to accomplish Pr determined ends or criterions.

When the employees start with their activities, they come to cognize what is to be done, what has been done, and what remains to be done and it besides gives an thought about the resources to be achieved. In the 3rd measure, the ends set by the single employee are compared with the existent ends achieved. It gives an thought to the judge as why there is a fluctuation in coveted result and existent result.Such a comparing helps make demand for developing so as to heighten employees’ public presentation.

Finally, in the timely review measure, disciplinary actions are taken so that existent public presentations do non divert from criterions established in get downing. The chief ground for carry oning reappraisals is non to mortify the performing artist but to help him in better public presentations in future.

Few advantages of MBO are a ) it is outcome –oriented. It co-ordinates the planning and control maps and provides motive ) Employees are clear about the undertaking that they are expected to execute and besides how they may be evaluated.MBO do hold certain restrictions such as it is clip devouring, employees and the higher-ups jointly puting the ends may take to conflict as employee would ever wish to put lower end and the superior would wish to put it on the higher side, deficiency of assurance in employee by direction.

Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales

This method is a combination of traditional evaluation graduated tables and critical incidents methods. It consists of predetermined critical countries of occupation public presentation or sets of behavioral statements which describes the of import occupation public presentation qualities as good or bad for illustration the qualities like inter personal relationships, flexibleness and consistence, occupation cognition etc. These statements are developed from critical incidents. These behavioural illustrations are so once more translated into appropriate public presentation dimensions. Those that are selected into the dimension are retained. The concluding groups of behavior incidents are so scaled numerically to a degree of public presentation that is perceived to stand for.


  • It reduces evaluation mistakes
  • Behavior is assessed over traits.
  • It gives an thought about the behaviour to the employee and the rater about which behaviours bring good
  • Performance and which bring bad public presentation.

Appraisal Centres

This is a system of appraisal where single employee is assessed by many experts by utilizing different technique of public presentation assessment. The techniques which may be used are function playing, instance surveies, simulation exercisings, transactional analysis etc. In this method employees from different sections are brought together for an assignment which they are supposed to execute in a group, as if they are working for a higher station or promoted. Each employee is ranked by the perceiver on the footing of virtue.

The basic intent behind appraisal is to acknowledge whether a peculiar employee can be promoted, or is there any demand for preparation or development. This method has certain advantages such as it helps the perceiver in doing right determination in footings of which employee has the capableness of acquiring promoted, but it has certain disadvantages besides it is dearly-won and clip consuming, discourages the hapless performing artists etc.

360 Degree Performance AppraisalsIt is the assessment in a wider position where the remark about the employees’ public presentation comes from all the possible beginnings that are straight or indirectly related with the employee on his occupation. In 360 degree public presentation assessment an employee can be appraised by his equals, directors ( i.e. superior ) , subordinates, squad members, clients, suppliers/ sellers -anyone who comes into direct or indirect contact with the employee and can supply necessary information or feedback sing public presentation of the employee the “on-the-job” . Employee self appraisal gives an option to the employee to cognize his ain strengths and failings, his accomplishments, and judge his ain public presentation.

Appraisal by superior signifiers the traditional portion of the 360 degree public presentation assessment where the employees’ duties and existent public presentation is judged by the superior. Appraisal by subsidiary gives a opportunity to measure the employee on the footing of communicating and motivation abilities, superior’s ability to depute the work, leading qualities etc. It is besides known as internal clients ; the right sentiment given by equals can help to happen employees’ who are co-operative, employees who ready to work in a squad and understanding towards others.

Cost Accounting Method

In this method public presentation of an employee is evaluated on the footing of pecuniary returns the employee gives to his or her organisation. A relationship is recognized between the cost included in maintaining the employee in an organisation and the benefit the organisation gets from him or her. The rating is based on the established relationship between the cost and the benefit. The undermentioned factors are considered while measuring an employee’s public presentation: i. Interpersonal relationship with others.

Quality of merchandise produced or serve given to the organisation.three. Wastage, harm, accidents caused by the employee.four. Average value of production or service by an employee.v. Overhead cost incurred.

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