Performance Appraisal System In British Airways Commerce

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Effective People resources include non merely the acquisition of measure and quality of people, every bit good as direction employees to back that public presentation is invariably reviewed, and at a degree that meets the aims of the organisation. It is of import that employees should cognize what is expected from of them, non merely in footings of functions and duties, but besides in footings of public presentation. The research proposal involves chiefly the public presentation assessment system of British Airways. The survey aims to analyse the public presentation, rating, monitoring, hearten and construct up and better their effectivity, in bend contributes to the success of the organisation. Performance assessment includes an appraisal of the employee, sentiment for people and confrontation, as productiveness can be improved.

Definition of public presentation assessment:

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Management of the people on work is chiefly discerning with the pull offing interaction between what are the indoor people human competency, dispositions and demands, how the measure and quality of ‘output ‘ and the satisfaction that people can acquire from their occupations.

Harmonizing to ACAS 2003 ‘Appraisals is the often grounds an appraisal of an employee ‘s public presentation, possible and development demands. The appraisal of people is a chance to obtain an overall suspiration of work content, tonss and degree, to look back on what is really achieved during the coverage period and agree aims for the following.

Structure of the organisation:

The construction of the universe ‘s prima air hose focused on bettering operational efficiency and fiscal tantrum, In order to accomplish strategic aims. British Airways is necessary to mensurate HR public presentation in concern and do their directors abide the duty for the bringing of aims.

British Airways is the UK ‘s largest international listed air hose, winging to over 550 finishs at convenient times, to the best-located airdromes. Whether clients are in the air or on the land, British Airways takes pleasance to supplying a full service experience. The British Airways Group consists of British Airways PLC and a figure of subordinate companies including in peculiar British Airways Holidays Limited and British Airways Travel Shops Limited.


Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service ( 2003 Employee Appraisal )

InformationandconsultationLondon, Acas,2003

( Rights at work )

Performance measurement inquiry and aim:

“ My research job is to analyse and measure the British Airways public presentation Appraisal and public presentation direction system that is utilizing for the intent of measuring of the public presentation of staff ”

I have developed the undermentioned inquiries to back up my job statement:

What is the public presentation assessment direction system that are utilizing in the British Air passages?

What is the Difference between the public presentation assessment and public presentation direction system in British Air passages?

Which tools, techniques and criterions British Airways utilizing for the analysis and the rating of public presentation?

How the British Air passages can better their public presentation, quality, motive and satisfaction of employees?


There are some aims of my research:

Measurement of public presentation against the ends and aims, i.e. what is achieved

Measurement of public presentation against cardinal competences, i.e. how it is achieved

Feedback of consequences

To better communicating and understanding between directors and employees

Identifying public presentation which requires betterment

Acknowledging and admiting public presentation

To put public presentation ends and aims

Determine key competences

Literature Review

2.1 Performance Appraisal:

Performance Appraisal is a formal Management system that provides for the rating of the quality of an organization.The direction of people at work is most concerned with pull offing the interaction between what is inside people i.e. human capacities, dispositions and demands, and what is with in work, i.e. the measure and quality of ‘output ‘ and the satisfaction that people can acquire from their occupation.

Peoples go to work to use their capacities, dispositions and demands to objective of organisation to bring forth goods and services in economic measure and quality. To mensurate how good they have performed in organisation to accomplish its aims is done by public presentation assessment.

Harmonizing to Glueck formal public presentation rating is “ is a system set up by the endeavor to on a regular basis and consistently measure employee public presentation ”

While Kenney, Donnelly and Reid defined it as “ assessment of an employee ‘s work by his staff strengths and failings ”

On the other manus Anderson describes public presentation assessment as a tool of preparation and development harmonizing to him “ if an employee ‘s strengths and failings are non known, it would be merely inadvertent that development attempts would be aimed in the right way ” .

Harmonizing to ACAS 2003 ‘Appraisals on a regular basis record an appraisal of an employee ‘s public presentation, possible and development demands.The assessment is an chance to take an overall position of work content, tonss and volume, to look back on what has been achieved during the coverage period and agree aims for the following ‘

Fletcher and Williams ( 1985 ) have gone farther. They have said that the appraisal of people is non the lone thing that they do when they appraise a individual ‘s work public presentation. They feel that there are in fact two conflicting functions involved in appraisal- i.e. , Judge and Helper.

Therefore public presentation assessment can be seen, at least in theory, as a procedure that brings together all the different attacks to the direction of public presentation and permits directors to exert them. It is a process that can both honor and train, a agencies by which employees can be coached and counselled, and a vehicle through which betterments to public presentation degree can be negotiated.

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2.2 What is Performance Appraisal?

Performance Appraisal involves the designation, measuring, and direction of human public presentation in organisation as shown in the figure 1.1




Figure 1.1: A Model of Performance Appraisal

2.2.1 Designation:

It means, finding countries of work a director should analyze when mensurating public presentation.

The first measure in public presentation assessment procedure is to place what is to be measured. It should be rational and lawfully defendable based on occupation analysis. The procedure of placing public presentation dimensions is really much like occupation analysis procedure. The assessment system should concentrate on public presentation that affects organisational success instead than public presentation irrelevant features such as race, age, or sex.

Designation of public presentation dimension is one of the most of import stairss in the public presentation assessment procedure. If it is missed, it will corrupt the employee because he will non be recognized in that dimension. Besides if an irrelevant dimension is included, employees may comprehend the whole procedure as meaningless.

2.2.2 Measurement:

The 2nd portion of assessment is measuring of employee public presentation. It entails doing managerial opinions of how ‘Good ‘ or ‘Bad ‘ employee public presentation was or is. Good public presentation measuring should be consistent throughout the organisation. All directors in the organisation must keep comparable evaluation criterions.

Measuring employee public presentation involves delegating a figure to reflect an employee ‘s public presentation on the identified feature or dimensions.

Basically, mensurating is to find the degree of public presentation by judging the quality, measure, seasonableness, and/or cost effectivity of the work against a set of criterions. For illustration what has been accomplished? It can besides function as a footing for make up one’s minding when those achievements deserve particular acknowledgment.

It is hard to quantify public presentation dimensions. E.g. ‘Creativity ‘ may be an of import dimension of advertisement copywriter ‘s occupation, but mensurating ‘Creativity ‘ is hard. How one can mensurate creativeness?

Is it by the figure of ads written per twelvemonth,

by the figure of ads that win industry awards,

or by some other standard?

These are some of the issues which troughs have to confront when seeking to measure an employee ‘s public presentation.

2.2.3 Management:

Management is the overruling end of any assessment system. Appraisal is more than a past orientated activity that criticises or praises workers for their public presentation in the preceding twelvemonth, instead, appraisal must take a hereafter oriented position of what worker can make to accomplish their potency in the organisation. This means that director must supply workers with feedback and train them to higher degrees of public presentation.

2.3 Difference between Performance Appraisal and Performance Management

Normally it is assumed that Performance Appraisal is the same thing as Performance Management. But there are important differences. Performance Appraisal is an of import portion of public presentation Management. In itself is non public presentation direction, but is one of the tools that can be used to pull off public presentation.

First we have to understand the word Performance. What is meant by that word? It is of import to clear up what it means. There are different positions on what public presentation is.

Bates and Holton have pointed out that ‘Performance is a multi-dimensional concept, the measuring of which varies depending on assortment of factors ‘ .

Kane ( 1996 ) argues that ‘performance is something that the individual leaves behind and that exist apart organize the intent ‘ .

Harmonizing to Bernadin et al ‘Performance should be defined as the results of work because they provide the strongest linkage to the strategic ends of the organisation, client satisfaction, and economic part ‘ .

The original significance of Performance in Oxford lexicon is ‘the achievement, executing, transporting out, working out of anything ordered or undertaken ‘ . From this we can mention Performance is about making the work every bit good as being about the consequence achieved.

Harmonizing to Campbell public presentation is behaviour and it should be distinguished from the result because behavior can be contaminated by systems factors

More comprehensive position of public presentation is encompassing both behavior and out come. This is good put by Brumbrach:

‘Performance means both behaviors and consequences. Behaviours emanate from the performing artist and transform public presentation from abstraction to action. Not merely the instruments for consequences, behaviors are besides outcomes in their ain right- the merchandise of mental and physical attempt applied to tasks-and can be judged apart from consequences ‘ .

Now we know that Performance is both inputs ( behavior ) and end products ( Results ) of squads, single or of an organisation.

Performance Appraisal can be defined as the formal appraisal and evaluations of persons by their directors. On the other manus Performance Management is about pull offing an organisation. It is strategic in that it is about broader issues and long term ends.

Performance Management is a natural procedure of direction, non a system or a technique.

Armstrong and Baron ( 1998 ) specify public presentation direction as:

‘a procedure which contributes to the effectual direction of persons and squads in order to accomplish high degrees of organisational public presentation. As such, it establishes shared understanding about what is to be achieved and an attack to taking and developing people which will guarantee it is achieved. ‘

Harmonizing to Armstrong and Baron ( 1998 ) public presentation direction should be a device or tool to guarantee that directors do pull off efficaciously. The directors should guarantee that the people or squads they manage:

Know and understand what is expected of them.

Have the accomplishments necessary to present on these outlooks.

Are supported by the organisation to develop the capacity to run into these outlooks.

Are given feedback on public presentation.

Have the chance to discourse and lend to single and squad purposes and aims.

The differences between them as summed by Armstrong and Baron are set up in Table 1.1

Performance Appraisal

Performance Management

Top Down Assessment

Joint Process through duologue

Annual Appraisal Meeting

Continuous reappraisal with one or more formal reappraisals

Use of evaluations

Rating less common

Massive system

Flexible procedure

Focus on quantified aims

Focus on values and behaviors every bit good as aims

Frequently linked to pay

Less likely to be a direct nexus to pay

Bureaucratic- complex paperwork

Documentation kept to minimum

Owned by the Hr section

Owned by line director

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