Molecules and Heat

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This causes the enzymes to become unstable and break apart, which can cause damage to the body’s cells. Therefore, water helps to cool down the body and prevent damage to the body’s enzymes.

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Explain what is happening to the water molecules in the flat areas of the line on your graph during the phase changes from solid to liquid and liquid to gas. The water molecules are currently gathering potential energy to change from the different states of matter. Due to thermal equilibrium, the water would need a set amount of energy t o break through the changes in matter. This is why temperature slows down in these phase c hanged. When the Ice Is melting Is It releasing heat or absorbing heat?

It Is absorbing heat as It tries to achieve thermal equilibrium with the Incoming heat. The water has more energy, which is why the water goes to a more easy to move around “phase” form from a harder to move around “phase” form.  If you put the liquid water into the freezer and recorded its temperature as it refroze, would it be absorbing heat or releasing heat? Explain your answer. It would be releasing heat. The water is warmer than the surroundings; therefore, it a attempts to achieve thermal equilibrium In the area. It will eventually start to lose so much energy that the water would once again, freeze 4.

Research what is occurring when you have a fever. What part does water play in regulating your body temperature? What happens to the chemical bonds of enzymes when exposed to too much heat? The body attempts to get rid of the disease by producing more White Blood Cells, this is often accompanied by a fever as it warps into overdrive to get rid of the disease. Water is g DOD at regulating the body temperature as It Is easy to move around the body In a attempt t o stop one area from being too hot. When you are too hot the chemicals are given more energy.

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