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Mothers Make Better Parents then Fathers

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Ladies and gentlemen the subject under discussion today is that mothers make better parents then fathers. I firmly counter the motion. Honorable judges I would like to point out that my identity is by my father and even this gentlemen sitting here has his last name after his fathers. for that matter nobody here is recognized by their mother;s name. It is our fathers who become a source of distinction for us in this world. It is only after their name is added to ours that we can make a footing in society.

This notion even becomes more important in male dominated societies like India, Pakistan and China etc. the fathers name also acts as a shield for girls in particular who are given no respect otherwise in such societies. Furthermore, what does a child need to grow up? , food , clothing, shelter, education and protection. Therefore the parent who is able to provide these bare necessities will be considered as the better parent.

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Mothers Make Better Parents then Fathers
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In most of the families the father is the one who works and provides a source of income for the family. indeed the mothers emotional involvment with the child is imperative in his upbringing , but we need to be REALISTIC HERE. For we know that love can not provide a meal twice a day. sharing secrets will by no means provide a substitute for what can be learnt at school. yes care is important but if there is no house to take care off then how will the mother keep her children cosy in the winters. Thus the father once again comes in the picture as the hero. Moreover, I being a boy myself feel that they are certain matters that I cannot handle without my father. For example with issues relating to puberty, we can discuss things openly without any hesitation. also my mother will have no interst in flying kites with me or playing cricket. It is my father whom I can count on for such activities. If I have a fight with someone I know my father with his strong muscular body can come to my rescue. Inaddition to this The command of the father makes a stronger impact on the child as compared to that of the mother. They are mentally stronger unlike mothers who are likely to yield to emotional pressure and this may result in them agreeing to demands of the child that should not be fulfilled under normal circumstances. (Something needs to be added here) I am not denying that the institution of motherhood, yes they are important in our lives. They play an essential role in our upbringing but it is the fathers role that outweighs their contribution. Thus proving my stance that fathers make better parents than mothers. As once Abraham Lincoln said A father is like a tree, it holds the ground together, it gives shelter and nourishment, I owe it all to my father.

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