Motivation And Reward From HRM At Unilever Pakistan Business

There is no uncertainty that organisations in the modern universe have placed great importance in the development of the human resource direction. This is because organisations seek to choose, engage, retain and staff the best endowment to the work force. Rewards schemes are one of the chief maps of human resource direction. Indeed, these maps are set to increase the motive of their work force and avoid any dissatisfaction that may happen to the employees.

Different theories of motive were thought of to explicate and analyse the behaviour of employees. In add-on, many wages schemes were practiced in order to increase the motive of employees and tempt them. The chief purpose of this paper is the opportunity to research how transnational organisation of Unilever in Pakistan increases the motive of their employees and cover with any dissatisfaction through the usage of wages systems as Unilever Pakistan confronting HR job of deficiency of proper wages system for the motive of employees and supervisors.

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Since the restraints of the state of affairs are demanding that the research is conducted through the HR directors of Unilever Pakistan to be included in the research it has been decided that Maslow ‘ Hierarchy of Needs is the most appropriate vehicle for proving the impact of wagess. In Unilever Pakistan HR directors are responsible for measuring degrees of motive in the work force and this will usually be a subjective appraisal of degrees by groups and non by persons we feel that this reinforces the pick of Maslow ‘s theory for the intent of the research.

Back land of Unilever Pakistan

Unilever Pakistan Limited is a transnational organisation. Unilever PLC London is its parent group. Unilever is a European based company with bid centre in London, and their portions are quoted at the stock replacement of several European states. They deal in all sorts of crop from carnal grocery to nutrients and detergents plus other personal and consumer merchandises.

The organisational construction of Unilever Pakistan consists that Unilever has its subordinates in over 80 states of the universe, to which it spreads its huge apprehension and resources.Unilever has 500 working companies in 80 states. It has 0.3 million employees and returns of gross revenues in 23000 million lbs. Unilever has about 2000 employees in Pakistan.


The intercessions relevant to the state of affairs of wages system in Unilever are as follows:


To measure the nexus between motive and wages of transnational organisation of Unilever in Pakistan. The consequences indicate that there is an tremendous nexus between motive and wages. At Unilever Pakistan the best manner to guarantee uninterrupted growing in people ‘s public presentation is to constituent a Reward system and the wages system must emphasis on positive support as it is the most successful mean to actuate preferable behaviour.

By positive support at Unilever Pakistan people put in more attempt in work so that they may accomplish a wages of their difficult work and wages system guarantee that their difficult work does n’t travel unsalaried. So it clearly indicates that at Unilever Pakistan there is an tremendous nexus between motive and wages. A well planned and efficient wages system when managed efficaciously would ensue into smooth organisation ‘s alteration procedure hence positive support of the coveted behaviour would heighten the public presentation which proves our research aim of extended nexus between motive and wages.

Whenever the word ‘Motivation ‘ is used, the first theory that hits the idea is the Abraham Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands. He investigated the human behaviours and pointed out five basic demands of human psychological science and being in a hierarchy. These basic demands ( physiological, safety, societal, self regard and self realization or self fulfilment ) can be considered basic ends for any human. These basic demands or ends have been prioritized into ranking and lucubrate the form in which worlds go for these in their lives ( Goble, 2004 ) .

Man ‘s first battle arises for its being and as per Maslow, physiological ( hungriness, slumber, sex etc. ) and safety or protection demands reflect the same attempts. As first demand is satisfied the demand for the following 1 arises and bit by bit the purpose is shifted through these demands one by one and eventually reaches self realization. Although, virtually all of these five demands exist in every one, but the realisation of the demand merely comes when the homo fulfils the general standards to acquire qualified for that specific demand. In-fact, the existent variable that builds the land for the making is the satisfaction of old demands.

Harmonizing to the survey, “ Job satisfaction of Employees Horticulture Case surveies in Michigan ” , it has been proved that the supervisors and non supervisory employees differ sing their satisfaction with occupation constituents. Supervisors see occupation security, attainment, interpersonal dealingss and supervising as the most hearty factors at workplace. They perceive the occupation itself and the company as equivocal factors while the compensation and working conditions as the hygiene factors. Supervisors are disposed to be less displeased with their wagess ( Sara, Barry & A ; Kathleen, 2004 ) .

One of the most rejoiced solution of this HR job is that wagess by the employees at Unilever Pakistan can be presenting them with paid leave by their supervisors as the recognition of their applaudable public presentation. Along with that Supervisors must be rewarded with salary increase within the sanctioned salary scope of their places.

Organization at Unilever Pakistan must ease their supervisor to hold an authorization to honor their employees with one-year virtue increase due to their praiseworthy work which has brought about considerable benefit to the organisation or section. Cardinal words: Positive support, behaviour, wages, motive


To measure the extent to which organisations attempt to utilize their wages schemes to increase motive of their supervisors at transnational organisation of Unilever in Pakistan. Unilever Pakistan implementing public presentation direction procedure must besides non lose path of variables which are critical for its success and measure them at pre defines regular intervals. Feedbacks must be depicted in charts in timely mode ; performing artists must be valued through some item of grasp. Performers ‘ reappraisals must be usage as an chance to reflect how winning can be possible in accomplishing ends and which patterns must be adopted and these reappraisals must be every bit frequent as possible so that the acquisition is fortified.

Always set many closely accomplishable mileposts alternatively of quarterly accomplishable mileposts and whenever those mileposts are attained celebrate them. There must be some other beginning of feedback other than one-year public presentation assessments. Keep in head while planing your organisation ‘s plan to be as original and alone as possible and avoid the design to merely consist of signifiers. ( Mention: Pinder. C. : ( 1984 ) Work and motive ; University of beastly Columbia ; , Foresman and company. )

Three premises formulate Adam ‘s equity theory. First, beliefs that are developed by people hold that the carnival they receive is just to the parts they made for their work. Second, the theory suggests that employee compare their input and end product with and the benefit they received with other employees input and end product. Finally, if an inequality is existed so this will take to the dissatisfaction of the employees ( Pinder 1984 ) . Therefore, this theory gives HR director some guidelines in to plan a wages system that can be perceived as equable by employees and avoid any dissatisfaction ( Richard, 2008 ) .

Hertzberg provided five incentives in the workplace: acknowledgment, accomplishment, promotion, duty and the work itself. He differentiated incentives and hygiene factors by proposing that incentives aim accomplishing occupation satisfaction in the long tally but hygiene factors are focused on short term satisfaction of the employees ( Gomez & A ; Crowther, 2007 ) .

HR directors use different schemes to honor different category of employees depending upon their occupation nature, competences, accomplishments, cognition, public presentation and their part in the productiveness of the organisation. In footings of best pattern, different policies of HR are merely suited in different fortunes ( thrope and Homan 2000 ) . Following are some general patterns in this respect: These wagess may be pecuniary every bit good as nonmonetary ( Nelson, 2005 ) .

Wagess are given to stress or reenforce the certain properties like public presentation and trueness etc. depending upon the strategic ends of the organisations. The nature of properties and wagess varies from organisation to organisation. Cardinal words: Motivation, wages, physiology


To do recommendations for possible alterations to pattern at transnational organisation of Unilever in Pakistan. Certain sets of standards are designed maintaining in head all the salient facets which are needed to be catered in planing and measuring plans.

  • Specific: Ambiguity emerges when there are ill-defined instructions about the wagess and their needed actions and this creates a negative sense for the organisation in the bosom and head of the people. Keeping it simple, clear and specific aids take ambiguity and hence beef uping the overall plan.
  • Meaningful: Rewarded accomplishments should transport a important return over investing for both the performing artist and the organisation. The wagess must be specified for an accomplishment which has any important impact on organisational advancement every bit good as performing artist ‘s personal or professional life.
  • Accomplishable: If ends are unrealistically high to accomplish so those propagates negative support within the employees so while puting the end for any single or group of employees it should be kept in head that those end must fall within the boundary of accomplishable.
  • Reliable: The plan designed must follow its regulations and processs consequently. Any Exceptions must be dealt with certain pre-defined stairss which are specified in the plan ‘s design.
  • Seasonably: Time factor is really acute in positive support. The Reward system to a great extent relies on honoring the performing artists at the right clip for their difficult work so that they can experience esteemed. Certain intervals must be specified onto which the performing artists would be rewarded.

At Unilever Pakistan supervisors ‘ assessment are top of the list when it comes to positively reenforce and actuate the employees. Supervisors at Unilever Pakistan must admit employees contribution both verbally and in written either personally or with an electronic assistance although the personal interaction is much more effectual and employees feel valued and recognized for their attempt and part.

Another solution is that supervisors at Unilever Pakistan must be provided with chance to increase their professional expertness and accomplishments by allowing them take part in educational plans and workshops. It is really of import for professional growing and development chances at Unilever Pakistan. As employees at Unilever Pakistan would develop new accomplishments, organisation can hold extra benefit from it. ( Mention: Bruce, Anne & A ; Pepitone, James S. ( 1998 ) Motivating employees. , McGraw-Hill Professional,).

Bruce and Pepitone ( 1998 ) provide that motive is the interior thrust that compels a individual to act in a peculiar form. Peoples have different demands which they require to fulfill through different agencies. Peoples are motivated when their demands are satisfied. When people are in demand they seek chances which can fulfill them. The impulse to acquire satisfaction drives a individual to accomplish something. Therefore, the being of demands motivates persons to work hard to accomplish ends and aims. Assorted theories of motive explain the influence of wagess on the behaviour of persons and squads ( Armstrong 2002 ) .

Motivation determines the public presentation of activities within the organisation. The behaviour of persons is shaped by the incentives since people seek factors which improve their work conditions. Satisfaction of one demand leads to the demand for another demand harmonizing to Abraham Maslow ( McClelland, 1987 ) . There are both intrinsic and extrinsic factors which motivate an person to act in a peculiar mode. Intrinsic factors emanate from within the individual and give a individual the will to accomplish more. Extrinsic factors originate from the environment in which a individual lives ( Goble, 2004 ) .

Bruce and Pepitone ( 1998 ) were of the sentiment that there are two classs of motivational factors: Intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors refer to the inner feeling that a individual has about the topographic point of work. Extrinsic factors are the external factors which motivate an employee. Extrinsic factors include wagess, publicity, acknowledgment and others. Employees work harder when their public assistance is put into consideration by their directors.

Harmonizing to Bogardus ( 2009 ) employees are non merely motivated by the rewards they receive from the organisations but besides motivated by many other factors within the environment of the organisation. Therefore, in an organisation the employees have different personalities, attitudes, duties and positions. Employees require different motive schemes to guarantee they better their public presentation and work for a long continuance of clip ( Gomez & A ; Crowther, 2007 ) . Finally, wages systems are developed to provide the demands of any organisation in a specific mode because it is considered that they straight affect the efficiency of employees by actuating or de-motivating them ( Sara, Barry & A ; Kathleen, 2004 ) . Further to the treatment, the ulterior portion of the reappraisal will cover the assorted theories of motive. Cardinal words: Motivation, wages, public presentation


I analyzed that to accomplish Unilever Pakistan ends and to convey out the needed consequences from the employees it is extremely necessary that they are kept extremely motivated and should be provided with such an environment in which their motive is non merely maintain intact but besides flourish. To achieve this environment and to excite their motive I figured out that positive support through wagess and public presentation assessment system can turn out really much beneficial.

While above we discuss what sort of wagess could be employed and what standards should public presentation assessment system must stay to heighten motivational environment of the organisation, here are list of few stairss that a director can take himself apart from all the organisational procedure and process to maintain a clear cheque, balance and cognition about the motivation factors of his employees.

Do n’t merely lodge to theory. Implement it practically because merely reading the articles or research wo n’t assist until it is put in pattern. Analyze your ain set of factors that keeps you motivated in the organisations. This would assist you understand other employees ‘ factors as good.

Identify the factors and so take input from the employees. It can besides be done through a study signifiers. Work with each employee to include their motivational factors into the wages system. Better your interpersonal relationship with each employee and seek to foster the accomplishment to depute in every employee. Wagess must non be lingered for long. They must be awarded every bit shortly as the coveted behaviour or the wages standard is achieved by the employees. Late wagess have negative impact on motive of the employees.

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