Motivation Theory in Cadbury

An essential part of leadership is to influence the people you manage so they do what you want them to do. The influence of a leader will depend on a variety of factors including their personality and of those around them. Motivation refers to the forces within or beyond a person that arouse and sustain their commitment to a course of action(Boddy D. ,Paton S. 2011). Motivation includes different theories which are Taylor,Mayo,Maslow and Herzberg. So,based on the employees’ needs,Cadbury chocolate factory relate to the theories of Mayo and Maslow.

This essay will show the relationship between theories of motivation and Cadbury chocolate factory. A review of Mayo suggests that a business aims to get the largest number of production must make sure that employees individual’s needs are satisfied,then that the workers will be motivated to work. Management must also work and communicate with informal work groups,making sure that their fit in with the goals of the business. One way to do this is to allow such groups to be part of decision making.

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Workers are likely to be more committed to tasks that have had some say in(Hall D. ,Jones R. ,Raffo C. , Anderton A. , Chambers I. , Gray D. 2008). There is an example of theses ideas being used in business. Cadbury’s chocolate factory in UK,opened in 1831,was designed to distributed workers in teams work. There many labours in each team,what’s more,each team has different functions. One team decide taste and the market demand. One team should be responsible for produce and another one should be responsible for sales and so.

It makes cadbury’s workers get together where they feel they are the part of the company. Therefore,workers plays a greater effectiveness of the work for their company. However,a team may be influenced negatively by one worker. For example,if a worker makes a problem when the production of chocolate is in the process,it will influence all members of this team. Also,the communication problem between workers and management,it can cause estrangement between them. And workers and management share the same goals will lead workers lose the motive power to work.

In the management section,Cadbury use the form of paternalistic. In addition,to complete the package of the product, there need many varieties of container. Therefore, there are many container-producing factories to make the cock of the chocolate. There are many levels in a factory. The management level can decide the product quantity and the sales department. The economic level can decide to mark the position and economical condition of the company(Cadbury chocolate factory 2010). Another theory relates to Cadbury’s chocolate factory have an impact on the

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