Emotions Moving Through Literacy

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The book Restart by the author Gordon Korman is a book based on emotions. Since the book is grounded on emotions, it was written in 1st person. The main character Chase Ambrose went through an extensive change. Not only did he fracture his former friendship but, he constructed a new friendship with Shoshanna Weber and Brendon Espinoza. This project is based on intuition and, his vast change on lifestyle. We will display emotions by doing a project called Mind Engine, which is a car engine similar to a brain, and we will present thoughts and emotions through a project called Brain Train, it will be shown as a train station in a brain.

The book is written in the first person, due to it being based on emotions and deep thoughts. Our opinion on the book is that it is a profound book solemnly based on the main characters feelings and, it was an extremely relatable book. The conflict of this book is the main character trying to start a new life despite his life (before he got amnesia) being immoral, and there were many tough obstacles along the way. The book took place in a fictional city which made the book more fascinating. The antagonists are Chase’s old life, Bear and Aaron, and of course Chase as the protagonist. The first project represents emotions by connecting it with Chase.

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Brain Train: To begin with, my (Ramyanaga Nagarur) project is established on emotions and feelings. The visual is a brain with multiple train stations in the interior. The supplies to create this project are paint, canvas, sketches, paint brushes and, sharpies. Each station is dedicated to an emotion, which Chase goes through. In my perspective, I love this book because it is precise and has a well-planned plot. The purpose of this fable is to show how drastically Chase changes. The second project is a car that functions like a human brain.

Mind Engine: This project is based on the human brain. The car engine is similar to the human brain; therefore, making the cars complexity parallel to a human brain. The brain tells the body what to do which is equivalent to a vehicle’s engine. This project will be portrayed on a canvas with sections explaining the emotions and how the emotion correlates with the mechanism. The materials to construct this project are paint, canvas, optional sketches, paint brushes and, sharpies. I (Sejal Mogalgiddi) think the book was intense and I felt a connection every time I read it. My project moves through literature because the emotion moves through the book regularly and so does a car. Therefore, our project is creative and intriguing.

Thus to conclude, we had pleasure doing the project. In these projects, we displayed how his emotions and sentiments affected his development in this manuscript. To briefly summarize the book, Chase fell off a roof; therefore, leading him to a life with amnesia. ‘I remember falling. At least I think I do. Or maybe that’s just because I know I fell. The grass is far away- until it isn’t anymore. Somebody screams. Wait-it’s me.’ By the author Gordon Korman pg.1 chapter 1 ‘Restart’. This quote is the starting point of Chase’s new life. Suddenly, he became subtle and became friends with the people he used to bully. We learned that we should follow the orders’ given, and be on our best behavior, amnesia or not.

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