“Mr Bean” ?Micro-environmental Factors (SWOT) Essay


Mr Bean is the market leader for soya bean related nutrient and drink in Singapore It is a well-respected trade name, clinching many awards including the Established Brands Award and the Most Popular Brand Award for the 3rd back-to-back twelvemonth It has a strong market presence with 56 mercantile establishments island-wide. Merely the finest ingredients and highest class of NGMO ( Non genetically modified ) soybean bean is used in its merchandises

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“Mr Bean” ?Micro-environmental Factors (SWOT)
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There is minimum merchandise distinction from chief rivals. Mr Bean is dependent on a chief competitory advantage – the retail of soya bean merchandises.

This might impede concern variegation should the demand originate It is a strong local trade name but presently has no international presence


Mr Bean can take to co-brand with other nutrient and drink concerns Mr Bean can besides trade name franchise to makers of other goods and services It can besides tap into a new international market – the emerging markets of health-conscious populaces in

Asia Threats

Mr Bean will be greatly affected if there is a rise in the monetary value of soya beans or dairy merchandises Mr Beans’ success might take to the possible menace of copying rivals There might be a displacement in the health-conscious market tendency, doing a lessening in the demand for such merchandises


Macro-environmental Factors ( STEEP )Social-Cultural

– Literacy rate of 96 % , doing the Philippines the third-largest English speech production state in the universe

– Main faith is Roman Catholicism

– Philippines has a strong snacking civilization

– Food on the spell is appealing to the mass market as they are by and large time-poor

– Filipinos are progressively cognizant of wellness concerns and are turning to healthy nutrient

– 25 % of the population are pupils who have high disbursement power ( Filipino Kids and Their Lifestyle, 2007, sec 1, par 9 )

– They are unfastened to foreign trade names


– Filipinos are comparatively tech-savvy

– There is consistent turning Internet use in Manila

Harmonizing to the research group BSBC Hook UAI, there was a 21.

3 % addition in Internet users from 2002 to 2004 in Metro Manila ( Philippines Internet and Telecommunications Report, 2009, sec 2, par 3 )

– Philippines is a underdeveloped state with proper substructure

– Technical support for equipment in urban countries is easy accessible Economic

– GDP ( PPP ) : USD 327.2 billion in 2008 ( The World Fact Book, Philippines, 2009, sec 5, par 2 )

– The economic system consists chiefly of agribusiness, fabrication and excavation concerns

– It is taking towards going a developed state by 2020

– The economic system is reliant on foreign currency


– Petrol monetary values and energy costs are volatile and potentially unpredictable – Local resources should run into a respectable criterion and quality – Philippines is the world’s biggest manufacturer of coconuts, and third-largest manufacturer of bananas


– Political issues in the state still exist today ( eg. corruptness and policy inactiveness ) and are likely to go on. However, they will non acquire worse. ( Philippines Risk Rating Update, 2008, sec 1, par 2 ) – Harmonizing to PERC Ltd, Philippines has a hazard factor of about 5.5 ( 1 being the lowest, 10 being the most hazardous )

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