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Mr. Bill Gates Influence

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Congrats to the man of the millennium Mr. Bill Gates. Bill developed the

wonderful software that makes computing so much fun! As his company, Microsoft,

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Mr. Bill Gates Influence
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surges for domination in the computing industry, I picture Bill installing little buttons

under his desk for possible world take-over. Forget the Y2K bug, that’s nothing! Through

Windows I see Bill using Microsoft much like a chess move for world-wide Gates time!

But don’t worry, I’m sure Bill has some pretty exciting plans for us.

Microsoft will

probably offer the Gates Home Computer. Provided that you paid your monthly fees,

Windows2050 will connect you to the Gates Network where you would be linked to

anyone and everyone. Firms will buy and sell through the high speed Gates Network.

Internet searches could never be easier with the use of the Bill Web! The Gates Network

will provide you with the Gates Home Mail. It will allow you to send and receive anything

electronically. You can forget about having to walk to the mail box, and having to deal

with that angry postal worker! Forget about writing checks for bills, with the Gates

Network you can electronically transfer your funds directly from your own personal

Gates Bank account to any account in the world. The Gates Computer will provide your

home with digital clarity sound! And with the Gates Radio Network you can listen to any

style of music any time! Forget all those annoying radio advertisements, you’ll get

interesting and exciting news on up coming Microsoft products and services!

The Gates Home Network can also control any type of electronic product in your

home. Imagine your lights automatically turning on when you return home at night

because your Gates Computer knows you’re home! The Network also provides

top-of-the-line household security. The Gates Patrol will be storming to your household in

Not only will you be surfing Bill’s Web on your Gates Network, but also you will

be channel surfing the Gates Television. It will work in conjunction with your Gates

Network providing you with the best in picture quality. Best of all, the Windows

Television Programming will have something for everyone. No more unwanted television

ads, you’ll find exciting offers direct from Microsoft! And with the Microsoft view

channels, you can see any part of the world through live digital feed. Every image is direct

from Microsoft’s Embassies all over the world.

The Gates Network would be a new direction in technology and Bill Gates would

be at the helm. Due to market domination and monopoly, Microsoft can provide anyone

and everyone with this revolutionary system at an affordable price! You may ask why you

need the Gates Network. It’s simple, you need a television, and you need information, so

where else are you going to go? After all, if your not in Gates World, where are you?

Anything else, would be incompatible!

The Gates Network not only provides services for you, it also provides services for

Mother Earth! With the paper-less revolution, created by the Gates Network, no more

hunting for wilderness. You’ll find trees right in your own back yard! Imagine the benefits

to society by the decreased use of paper.

Why don’t you come live in Gates World, after all the rest of the world does. All

you have to do is get the Gates Network and your life will be forever modified into a life

of ease! The Microsoft membership fees go directly to Bill Gates! So you can be reassured

that the richest man in America will provide you with only the best of service. Bill Gates

has already built his empire, isn’t it time you built yours with the Gates Network! Just

hope Mr. Bill Gates doesn’t hit that little button under his desk!

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Mr. Bill Gates Influence. (2018, Jun 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/mr-bill-gates-influence/

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