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In a wellness attention environment there are many different imaging modes available which are used to help diagnosing, or program patient direction and intervention. Modalities within Radiology include X-Ray, Computed Tomography ( CT ) , Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Fluoroscopy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI ) . Each mode plays a specific function in replying a clinical inquiry, and each has their ain specific advantages and disadvantages.

MRI uses a big, powerful magnet and Radio Frequency ( RF ) pulses to bring forth transverse sectional images of many anatomical country of the organic structure. In recent old ages MRI has been progressively used, and its applications and capablenesss have advanced to intend that it is used widely as a diagnostic tool in many clinical state of affairss. In fact the figure of MRI scrutinies carried out in England for the NHS has more than doubled from 2003 to 2009 ( DOH, 2010 ) .

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Imaging techniques have advanced quickly in about all Fieldss of medical specialty. In many instances such as neurology, these progresss have meant an addition in the quality of anatomical word picture but besides the ability to supply more functional and physiological information such as diffusion and perfusion techniques ( Evans, 2006 ) . MR has many advantages at encephalon imagination compared to other modes. MR is good at looking at anatomy and pathology utilizing high declaration, multi-planar imagination.

The chief advantage is that no radiation is used during MRI and it is besides a non-invasive scrutiny. Progresss have led to high declaration and first-class soft tissue contrast imagination which is exceptionally good for analyzing encephalon anatomy, peculiarly Grey and white affair distinction, posterior pit and analyzing blood, including its flow ( Armstrong et al 2004 ) .

In fact, a large advantage of MRI compared to CT scanning as stated by Munir ( see article 2 ) is that it ‘eliminates exposure to ionizing radiation and there is no hazard of contrast kidney disease… and MRA is associated with decreased patient morbidity and decreased hazard of complications associated with conventional contrast angiography ‘ . Other interesting applications which have made an impact in modern MRI sections include Diffusion Weighted Imaging ( DWI ) and functional MRI ( functional magnetic resonance imaging ) . DWI looks at H2O in different countries of the encephalon and their local features ( Department of Health, 2008 ) . ( nicked from caput instance survey – demand ref pg updated ) .

This sequence has proved a critical tool peculiarly in shot and TIA imagination because countries of ischaemia are readily seeable ( Latchaw, et al. , 2009 -Journal -3 ) . fMRI utilizations are still developing nevertheless, its applications are turning because it can map countries of the encephalon that are activated when patients are asked to finish a given undertaking ( Koretsky- Journal 4 ) .

On the other manus there are besides disadvantages of MRI compared to other modes when imaging the encephalon. For illustration in injury instances, CT scanning is frequently used because it is readily accessible in most infirmaries, scan times are short, and there are no contraindications sing surgery and equipment ( Bruce Journal 1 ) . In add-on, imagination of bleeding with MRI can be complex to construe because the age, size and province of hemoglobin must be taken into history ( Koretsky -Journal 4 ) .

Therefore, CT is frequently the used as first line imaging in instances of acute bleeding ( Longmore 2004 ) . Furthermore, MRI is inferior when imaging bony constructions because cortical bone contains fewer H protons and hence returns small signal ( Jackson and Thomas, 2005 ) . Another disadvantage of MRI is that it is frequently prone to artifacts which can degrade image quality, such as, metal artifact from dental fillings and gesture artifact due to long scan times ( McRobbie, et al. , 2003 ) – acquire ref from instance survey ) .

Other modes used for imaging the encephalon include, Digital minus angiography ( DSA ) , ultrasound and atomic medical specialty. DSA remains the gilded criterion signifier some cerebrovasular diseases, such as arteriovenous deformities, nevertheless it is an invasive trial and can do serious complications ( Latchaw et al 2009 Journal 3 ) .

Ultrasound is widely used for scanning the neonatal encephalon as it does non utilize radiation, and is peculiarly good at naming intellectual bleeding, developmental deformities and hydrocephaly ( Jackson and Thomas 2005 ) . Ultrasound in newborns is possible due to the acoustic window provided by the soft spot in the skull, nevertheless this closes with age and hence, the usage of ultrasound in kids is limited to the first two old ages ( Jackson and Thomas 2005 ) . Nuclear medical specialty, including SPECT and PET, has a function in diagnosing and theatrical production of patients with dementedness and other neurological diseases ( 2005 ) .

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Spinal column

MRI – mets, tumors

CT – Injury

Nucmed – mets – whole spinal column, expression for secondary? Get hot musca volitanss on specific countries which can take to MRI scanning a specific country e.g. T-spine.

X-ray – injury, breaks, spinal column abnormalcies ( could be inborn – developmental )

MRI is the ‘gold criterion ‘ for spinal cord imagination because it is extremely sensitive and specific to pathology ( Berquist 1996 ) . This is due to good tissue and spacial declaration. Berquist, T. , 1996. MRI of the Musculoskeletal system. 3rd erectile dysfunction. Keystone state: Lippincott-Raven Publishers. MRI used to look for meniscal cryings in articulatio genuss.

MRI besides has many advantages when it comes to imaging the muscular-skeletal system. For illustration, MRI can be used to observe little cryings such as a meniscal tear within the articulatio genus and no contrast is needed for this clinical diagnosing. The synovial fluid within the joint capsule Acts of the Apostless as a natural contrast agent enabling little cryings to be visualised cleary.

Besides a rotator turnup tear would demo up as a nice bright signal within the shoulder which confirms there is a tear within this country of involvement. When scanning the shoulder for re-current disruption, an arthrogram survey is really utile.

The disadvantage of this survey is that it is invasive, clip consuming, radiation to patient, adviser handiness – operator dependent, patient tolerance for process – can be uncomfortable, patient is advised non to make any manual work over the following 24hrs after process.

CT/Nucmed used for looking at bone.

CT shoulder/knee – measuring tibial platto breaks ( articulatio genus ) . Fractures, boney lesions. CT can retrace images to see bony item and see where fragments have gone.

U/S used for looking at balls and bumps.

Ultrasound is suited for measuring hypodermic abnormalcies as it can bring forth high quality images with high spacial declaration. The same can be said for MRI imaging although Ultrasound can be the preferable mode due to this. ( Bearcroft, 2007 )

The chief disadvantage of utilizing ultrasound in any scrutiny is that the consequence is operator dependent. ( Bearcroft, 2007 )

X ray used for looking at castanetss for interruptions and boney tumors.

Complain X raies are still used on a day-to-day footing but other modes seem to be used more to reply more clinical specific inquiries. They are still used in order to corroborate chiefly bone abnormalcies. . ( Bearcroft, 2007 )

ABDO/PELVIS- In this instance, the chief disadvantage of MRI, other than safety issues, is that images of the venters and pelvic girdle are frequently degraded by gesture artifact caused by respiration, intestine vermiculation and fetal motion ( Campos, et al. , 1995 ) .

Pregnant Patient

Pregnant patients and fetal conditions can be imaged under MR counsel ( Shellock, 2001 ) . Research into MR safety during gestation and technological progresss, such as high field scanners and rapid sequences ( to cut down gesture artifacts ) has meant that MRI have several utile applications for pregnant patients. The preferable imagination mode is presently sonography, nevertheless this may non ever turn out sufficient to do a diagnosing and so MRI possibly considered ( Abbott, EL al. , 2004 ) .

MRI is besides a good option when ultrasound proves deficient as there are no radiation hazards. It clinically provides first-class cross-sectional positions that have good tissue distinction and declaration to help diagnosing for the clinician. ( Abbott, EL al. , 2004 ) . Furthermore, MRI provides the ability to measure map, for illustration MR urography to measure the nephritic system.

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TIA/CVA – Mention TIA clinic is a new clinic, nexus to U/S carotids as most TIA instances originate from the cervix, acquire narrowing of carotid arteries.. MRI will demo countries where blood supply will be reduced ( caput scans ).

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