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My Work Duties and My Achievements



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    My Achievements

     I first worked in this position for 6 months prior to my becoming a contractual employee with a 3-month contract. Since then, I have displayed various skills and abilities that should only serve to further enhance the Conditions of Service team. I accept any task given to me without question and submit my work before the deadline I am given whenever possible.  I have never left any work undone because I excel in time management.

    Part of my work duties as a Team Assistant is to support the team and insure the smooth functioning of the Conditions and Service Section in an accurate and timely manner. I accomplish this task in a timely manner by keeping a complete and accurate record of all incoming correspondence in the office computerized log database that is then distributed and attached to background materials given to the assigned officers. I also dispatch outgoing correspondence and respond to routine inquiries and information requests.

    I am tasked to maintain both electronic and paper databases for the Conditions of Service Section. As such, I create subject matter files and file all appropriate records while reviewing all files periodically.  I prepare presentation materials for offers using various technologies and software while assisting in providing software and office equipment support, researching, compiling and organizing information and reference materials from various sources for reports, work plans, studies, briefings, meetings and conferences, as necessary.  I created and continue to maintain the Conditions of Services website. I change the contents and design of the website as necessary.

     I locate background materials for officers in the unit and also maintain supplies, prepare requisitions and follow-up on orders for supplies.  I provide much needed support as Administrative Support to the Chief of section by answering, screening and redirecting telephone calls related to section matters.  I provide assistance to the Classification officers by researching and retrieving requested background and processing completed classification actions into job classification log database. The Compensation Officers also benefit from my help as I often assist the officers in the unit regarding matters relating to compensation such as initial research of background files for cases assigned to them.

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