India is my Country and I Love my Country

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Everyday, when I go to school, I recite the pledge “India is my country and I love my country”. However, one day, I questioned whether I truly mean those words. The answer came quickly – yes, I love my country! Although there may be corruption, poverty, and filth all around, even after 67 years of independence, we still see men, women, and children begging on the streets, people spitting and throwing garbage on the road, and numerous other instances of such behavior.

Despite any doubts, I have an unwavering love for my homeland, India. The reasons behind this affection may stem from its rich heritage, religious practices, coexistence of diversity, the principle of “atithi devo bhavah,” or simply due to being born here and holding Indian nationality. Our nation is truly fortunate to possess a wide array of breathtaking landscapes such as the magnificent Himalayas, the fertile deltas of the Ganges and other rivers, the expansive Thar desert, the captivating rainforests in Assam, and vast seas. While Indian traditions and cultures vary among its 28 states, their fundamental essence remains unaltered.

Our ancient culture includes various forms of artistic expression, including dance, music, clothing styles, festivals, beliefs, and language. It is crucial to recognize that these traditions carry profound meaning, often based on scientific or spiritual grounds. One tradition I want to focus on is the custom of women wearing a bindi. This adornment is placed between the eyebrows and has been regarded as an important nerve center since ancient times. Referred to as the sixth chakra or ‘agna,’ which translates to ‘command,’ it is believed to possess concealed wisdom.

It is astonishing how all of our experiences revolve around this place. It’s amazing, right? Did any of you ever imagine this? Honestly, I didn’t. We don’t have to wear traditional Indian clothing or apply a decorative mark on the forehead every day. However, one thing we can do daily without fail is sing our national anthem with pride and pledge our loyalty sincerely. Regardless of the reasons the world presents, I deeply love my country and take immense pride in its diverse and prosperous heritage. Lastly, “saare jahan se achha, Hindustan hamara!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE INDIA!!!”

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