India is my Country and I Love my Country

INCREDIBLE INDIA Everyday I go to school and speak the pledge “India is my country and I love my country”. One day a question instantly popped up in my head,”Do I really mean it? The pledge that I have spoken since the first day of school. The answer came as soon as the question,”Yes,I love my country! Agreed that there is corruption,poverty and dirt everywhere. Today,even after 67 years of independence,we find men,women with their children begging on the streets,people spitting and throwing garbage relentlessly on the road and I’m sure you can come up with many such things.

But I’m 100% sure that I still love my country,my motherland! now, what makes me love India? Its traditional heritage,religion,unity in diversity,the atithi devo bhavah attitude or the very fact that I was born here,that my nationality is Indian. Our country is blessed with several kinds of landscapes be it the Himalayas, the rich and fertile deltas of the Ganges and other rivers,the Thar desert,the rain forests of Assam and the seas. Indian tradition and culture changes with every 28 states that you visit, but the essence remains the same.

Our ancient culture includes various dance forms,music,dressing style,festivals,beliefs,language etc. trust me,when I tell you this,our traditions are not meaningless but most them have a deeper scientific or spiritual reason behind them. let me put some light on one such tradition of wearing a bindi in females. the area between the eyebrows where the bindi is worn is considered a major nerve point since the ancient times. this spot,the sixth chakra,known as ‘agna’ meaning ‘command’ is the seat of concealed wisdom.

It is this center point wherein all our experience is gathered in total concentration. amazing,isn’t it? did any of you ever imagine this? frankly,no. at least, i din’t. we don’t need to wear salwar kameez everyday? we don’t need to put bindi everyday. but one thing we can do everyday for sure is to sing our national anthem with pride and truly mean the pledge. no matter what reasons the world gives,love my country and I’m proud of its rich and varied heritage. lastly, saare jahan se achha, Hindustan hamara!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE INDIA!!!

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