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“I Am Here to Serve and Not to Be Served.”

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    My leadership and educational assumption presume from Mathew 20:28, which states that “I am here to serve and not to be served.” Accordingly, I believe that to be a good leader one must be a servant of the people. It is vital for a Christian leader to imitate Christ. Therefore, I believe that a leader must be humble, wise and a person of integrity. A leader should also be merciful and slow to anger. His actions should be above reproach and should be an example to the rest. They should recognize believers and other people as images of God and treat them with love. I believe in the axiological ideology of the respect to the authority of Christ. My belief is that God ultimately defines what is good and valuable and that He has the highest authority over all things. This belief is affirmed by the message in Colossians 1:17, which states that “He holds all things together.

    “I believe that He is the creator and he formed everything in the very beginning. Everything that he does is motivated by His love and Grace. He is all-powerful, omnipotent and omniscient. Since He is all knowing, I consider it prudent to follow the virtues summarized by the commandments in the scripture. In matters where the commandments do not address all the possible ethical situations that exist, I believe that believers should reason according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. On matters to do with epistemology, I subscribe to Newman’s rejection of Evidentialism. As a believer, my understanding of faith as explained in Hebrews 11:1. Evidentialism explains that there is no religious belief that is justifiable unless there is conclusive evidence about it. This is an idea that I totally disagree with since it brings forward the sense of doubt in the scripture. Evidentialism is self-referentially incorrect. Its requirement for us to provide evidence to support what we believe in, raises doubts about the legitimacy of evidentialism itself. It would rather be illogical for one to change his ground based on a theory that is not justified itself. I believe that Christianity is a true faith, even though evidentialism refutes such a belief due to tangible lack of evidence. Believing in evidentialism is not justifiable either.

    I believe that the laid down scripture outlines all that is necessary for one to base his belief in Christianity. I live by the understanding that faith is the conviction of that which is not seen, and it does not require evidence to justify it. On the topic of metaphysics, my assumptions are based on the understanding of 2 Timothy 3:16-17, which demonstrates that all Scripture is inspired by God. I believe that metaphysics is the soul and core of philosophy. It is a discipline that focuses on the nature of reality, both invisible and visible. The Christian tradition explains that God is the ultimate being and reality. The belief that the scripture is inspired by God means that the He is the source of the knowledge man has about Him. God reveals himself to humanity through the revelation via the scripture. The avenues of general revelation He uses include creation and its organization as explained in (Psalm 19:1 and Romans 1:19-21). The Christian message and belief is based on the idea that God exists, and we as Christians get to know about Him through his scripture.

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    “I Am Here to Serve and Not to Be Served.”. (2022, Mar 12). Retrieved from

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