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My Career Decision and Goals



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    In my late eighth grade year, I’ve finally made my decision, which was to become a Psychologist. Really, I was extremely indecisive about whether or not, I wanted to be a Cosmetologist or a Psychologist. My original plan, was to just become an Entrepreneur, but I figured that I could own a business and still be able to pursue another dream. I’ve changed my mind, plenty of times throughout my years. In my elementary years, I definitely dreamed of being a children’s nurse.

    One reason why I would like to become a Psychologist, is because I always find time out of my day, to help someone in need. I try to understand their situations, and help them find a solution. Everyone usually comes to me, if they are in need of advice for a specific situation. It is just heart-warming to me, just to give the right advice. In doing that, I found my love for helping others, and by providing comfort. I’ve learned to always take the sourest lemon the world has to offer, to resemble lemonade. I try with everything in me, to spread optimism to people to feel as if nobody is in their corner. Using my skills, for other much needed people, would definitely benefit me, but most importantly them!

    In the past, Cosmetology and Entrepreneurship had relations for my future, because I was thinking about owning a hair salon for natural hair. Instead, I’ve decided to own a smoothie and bookstore combined. With this new idea, I would be able to express my creativity through the flavors of the drinks. It’ll be a healthy based organization, located somewhere in Atlanta. Though, the world is slowly beginning to evolve around plant-based food, instead of just hardcore Pork. Hopefully, in the near future, eating healthy would be stable in the years. The purpose of my business, would be to help people live a healthier lifestyle. When I first started this journey, I found it difficult to obtain the strict lifestyle, because wings were definitely my favorite. Even before I even started this lifestyle, I just thought you ate salads for the rest of your life, but I was wrong… to an extreme extent.

    In order to fulfill my aspiration for life, I’ll need to go to college for, Business Management; so, I’ll understand and have knowledge of the steps needed to be taken, to have a booming business. I would also need to earn my Master’s Degree in Psychology, to be able to do more in the field. I wouldn’t get paid as much, if I just started my career with a Bachelor’s Degree. To achieve my goals, I would need to be dedicated and encouraged with my work. One thing I’ve learned, is that the key to owning a successful business, is to be patient and persistent. You’re supposed to be patient, because nothing will happen overnight; You have to be persistent, because you have to remember that, someone else is always working when you aren’t.

    The annual salary of a trained Psychologist in Georgia, will be exactly 82,380 a year. This means that I should receive approximately 6,865, every month. When you are eating healthy, groceries will be a maximum total of 400 dollars. After having a full understanding on my salary, I second guessed this occupation. Then, I began doing my research on the higher types of Psychologists and found that 82,380 was just the bare minimum! I could be making over six figures, with just more degrees! This also means, that I would need an exceptionally high education…which would take 10 years.

    With owning my own business, my income and profit is unknown at the moment. I would have to be able to get my plans for this spot, because right now it is just a thought. Earlier, I mentioned that the place will be based off of a healthy lifestyle. The idea was created to get people to try new, promising things. My smoothies would be able to help people sustain and maintain their body weight and unnecessary fats.

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