My Goals and Ambitions – My Interests and Career Expectations

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Like most other progressive people, I too have my own hobbies and interests, which have grown up with me. Grown with me, because my passion and attachment to these are more now, than ever before. I have, on quite a number of occasions, listed my personal interests as organizing and participating in sports and games, in response to many queries. Unfortunately, none of these responses would reveal how much I actually enjoy pursuing them, particularly when it comes to baseball. I sometimes have a feeling that my pursued interests might have played a critical role in the development of my identity. Sometimes when I think of sports and games, I feel sentimental and I know it sounds odd. Sports in general and baseball in particular has taught me several things in life. It has taught me the importance of punctuality, discipline, habits, and most importantly, the need to improve each time. Sports people generally have a higher level of will power, control and ambitions. I love sports and intend to be with it as long as possible.

Setting objectives or goals in life is very important. It sort of defines as to where or who you want to be. Setting your goals and more importantly, working towards it, gives a direction and purpose to your efforts. Living without objectives is like flying without a destination. Your objectives can be set for the short run or for the long run. What you would like to achieve in the subsequent period or in the near future would be your short-term goal and your ultimate aim or objective in life is your long-term goal. In the short run I would like to pass out with a good academic record and credentials in the field of sports management. I would then be able to get a good and a rewarding career as a responsible sports personnel, which is my objective in life.

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I have been involved with sports for several years now and this involvement has been ever increasing for me, mainly due to the fact that I’m a woman. My services are very vital and instrumental for the participation of girls in several tournaments and events conducted from school level to even regional levels. Girls need to be encouraged to step into the play field and take up serious sports, particularly for the first time. As I was a willing participant and competitor in almost every event, I was successful in drawing other women too. Sometimes you need to project the bigger picture of how women’s sport is becoming more competitive and beneficial. For the ones who are not interested in serious sports, the philosophy of fitness and health is instrumental in drawing them to the field. When I was not playing or when it was very important for me to organize games, I had the opportunity to concentrate on the organizational aspects of the game. I love playing or organizing any kind of sports or games and when it comes to baseball, I admit, I am a bit addicted to the game.

I owe my special interest in baseball to my personal friendship. My thickest friend’s father happened to be a popular baseball manager in South Korea. He encouraged us to take to baseball. We found the game very interesting and also progressed well, thanks to our contacts with other baseball players at all levels. It was around this time that several Korean baseball players too were becoming increasingly popular and playing at several tournaments throughout the world. Thus I was inspired to this game and I never miss watching any of these matches happening in our city. My friend’s father always ensured that we didn’t have any difficulties in going to or watching the matches.

 With my interest and knowledge in sports, coupled with an ability to plan and execute related activities, I want a career associated with these. I would like to keep doing something, which interests me a lot, things that give me a sense of satisfaction. If only these interests could form a part of my profession or career, wouldn’t that be fascinating?. Yes, I’ve been thinking of a career in sports management, a career that would sustain my interests. I am aware of the fact that sports management is a field relatively strange to most women like me. It is a field where there is an open competition. This is perhaps the level from where the association of gender and sports is no longer valid. Sports management requires appropriate skills, knowledge and experience. I realize that it becomes a level playing field here, with men and women competing together as effective sports administrators and managers. The field of sports management is fast becoming very competitive with the growing commercialization of sports. The role of good sports administrators and managers, to the development of sports at all levels is being increasingly felt. I hope to become a successful sports manager some day.

To realize this goal of mine, I plan to take up a sports management course as a first step. A degree in sports management would help me to qualify as a sport management personal. I am fully aware of the hard times ahead, once I qualify. As there are not many women in sports management, and that too any established women, I think I have a unique and probably a speculative venture at hand. I understand it is going to be very tough task for me to gain the confidence of prospective employers.

My inclination towards sports management is not only because of my attachment to sports. Being interested in sports activities is one thing and taking up a career in sports management is another thing. Sports management requires a great deal of qualities like planning, right execution etc. and includes all aspects of economics too like budgeting and funding etc. Perhaps, it was also these aspects of the job too, which interested me to take up sports management. My interest in working with numbers and analytical thinking had probably been with me from my childhood. I remember well those days when dad would scream at me for asking more fruits or chocolates when I already had some with me. But then he would be moved when I emphasize my requirements with my needs, based on those finger counting. For instance one Friday, when I was nearly five years of age, I once asked him to get me more of my favorite vanilla wafers, while I still had another half dozen with me. My father was obviously angry. I told him that I only need about two to three chocolates each day. The supermarket he buys from is closed on Sundays and occasionally runs out of chocolates by Saturday afternoon. I convinced him that if it weren’t bought on that day, I wouldn’t have any for the weekend. My dad was surprised with my reasoning and from then on, he never waited for an explanation whenever I asked him anything. These calculations and reasoning became more complex with body metrics, calorie calculation, training schedules, event management etc., as I took deeper interest in sports.

Although I am confident of making it big in sports management, I admit, I am a bit skeptical too. I think this is mainly because I am a woman and I don’t personally know any other woman involved in sport management activities. I need to know if there are any specific challenges, a woman would have in that position. My talents, knowledge and experience would be highly sufficient to compete with my male counterparts, but I am afraid they have a psychological edge. It would not only be my male competitors, but the entire social setup itself, which I would have to face and prove myself. But for every pit, you have a mound. I believe if I strike early and produce amazing results, the tide would turn in my favor, giving me a special place. I have my career objectives now, clearer than ever before. The hardships and challenges ahead are more visible to me. I intend to make the best use of all resources available to me to ensure that I get a good academic record and a great future. I am confident of my success and if I face any setbacks it would be only a matter of time before I reach my life’s objectives.


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