My College Choice Is Fsc Formally Known as Florida Southern College

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My college choice is fsc formally known as Florida southern college. In this paper, I will be talking about Florida southern college and the aspects. The reason why I desire to go to this college was how much is the distance from there to home also offering one of the major that I would like to start a journey in. As I go into college, I will start to recognize and realize the responsibilities of a young adult in college having the maturity to start socializing because you never know what people you might meet that can get you to the place where is meant for you. First, the requirements for admission into the college is your GPA, sat, and act and meeting the application requirements and their admissions rate is 45% so for every 100 applicants 45 applicants are admitted. The GPA requirement on average is a 3.68 but fsc requires you to be above average now if your GPA is below a 3.68 then you will need to score higher on the sat and act to compensate for it.

For this school, they require you to take either the sat and act for submitting it on your application. Its fsc measures your scores from the sat from math reading writing and composite. the average score they require for math is a 580 or higher the average score for reading is a 30 or higher the average score for writing is a 30 or higher the average score for composite is a 1200 or higher but if you are placed at a 25th percentile on the sat your average score goes down in all categories. Math goes down to a 560 reading goes down to a 28 writing goes down to a 30 and composite goes down to a 1200 but overall the score for the sat is 1600. For the act, the average score is 26 and if you are at the 75 percentile your score needs to be a 29.

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Fsc offers more than 100 student clubs and organizations for you to get the best out of your college experience but everybody is not good at managing their time so it would not be bad for you to stay to yourself but you still should try to get to know some people creating relationships and connections because you never know what doors can just a student open for you. Fsc also offers 5 resources to utilize and the first one is to get to know the area because it is always good to know about your surroundings trying to make friends but not too many because they might be the type of people who need a lot of attention and they are making you get side-tracked from what you came to school for. the second resource is a shuttle bus which takes you from school and to your apartment and vice versa it takes you to Walmart target Publix and the lakeside village and on every Saturday, it goes from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. the third resource is the Polk Museum of art which is partnering with Florida Southern college. (Kim, 2012).

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