My Culture and Life as a Working Student

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College students are often told that their college years will be the time of their lives, but they are not always told what makes it so. According to a 2009 survey, nearly half of college students will be living at home, meaning that most are supporting themselves financially. Even those who do not live at home have many financial responsibilities, such as paying for tuition, books, food, and car expenses. As a college student who has lived on their own for over a year, the amount of time spent in class and doing homework is significant, along with working at two jobs to support themselves.

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While many individuals claim that the college years are the most pleasurable period in a student’s life, they often fail to provide an explanation. Nonetheless, a survey carried out by the National Retail Federation in 2009 reveals that approximately 49.1% of college students will opt to reside at their parental home this year. This suggests that slightly more than half of you will have the chance to live autonomously and not depend on your parents for assistance.

Although over 50% of college students in the United States live with their families, they are usually responsible for covering their own financial needs. These include various expenses like tuition fees, textbooks, food, clothing, fuel, vehicle payments, and auto insurance.

Living away from home as a college student entails additional financial responsibilities that are often overlooked. I have personally experienced this for over a year now, as I have been living independently throughout most of my college years.

First and foremost, a significant amount of time is devoted to attending classes, completing assignments, and studying without receiving any monetary compensation.

Additionally, a considerable portion of my time is occupied by working as a salesperson at Best Buy.

Lastly, I will discuss the responsibilities and commitments associated with my involvement at my church.

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