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My Culture and Life as a Working Student

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    For years, college students have been told that their college years would be the “time of their lives”, what people don’t tell us, is what makes it the time of our life. According to a National Retail Federation survey conducted in 2009, Nearly 49.1 percent of college students will be living at home this year, meaning that just over half of you are living on your own, without the support of your parents.

    Even though more than half of the college students in America will be living at home, most of them will be supporting themselves financially. Supporting yourself financially might not mean paying rent, but most of the time it means paying tuition, paying for books, food, clothes, gas, car payments, and car insurance.

    The students that don’t live at home have even more financial responsibilities than the rest, most of which people are completely unaware of. I have been in college for a little over a year, and have lived on my own for most lived on my own for most of that time. The first major attribute is the number of unpaid hours that I spend in class, and also doing homework and studying. Second is the amount of time I spend at my first job, a salesperson at Best Buy. The third and final point of my speech will explain my job working at my church, and what goes along with.

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